BUENA PARK (CBSLA) —  A coyote snuck into a Buena Park home through the “doggie door” and killed a dog.

Scott Goodling is living every pet owner’s nightmare. He entered his home last Friday and found blood everywhere.

His ten-year-old Malty-poo Sally was killed in the attack.

“Just the sweetest little dog. She was carried away. Just very tiny,” he said.

His dog Murphy barely survived and has stitches everywhere.

A neighbor’s security video caught a pack of coyotes in the neighborhood around the same time Goodling’s dogs were attacked.

Residents in the neighborhood say the coyotes have increased in numbers and want city leaders to do something about them.



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  1. Inside the home attacks by coyotes have also occurred within the last two months in Anaheim and San Dimas. This is nothing new. The city of Buena Park has been “working on a plan” for years now. and apparently, it still isn’t finished. People who complain of attacks are belittled. The coyotes “gotta eat”.


    Coyotes gotta be rehomed or taken out is more like it.

  3. lorie sperry says:

    get rid of the doggie doors is the first step,,if they are coming in house,,only let your animal out supervised,,reality people,,you have an outdoor pet, don’t expect it to come home every night, common sense, people,,,why is everybody so stupid?

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