SACRAMENTO (AP) — California has become the first state to offer taxpayer-funded health benefits to young adults living in the country illegally.

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law on Tuesday that makes low-income adults age 25 and younger eligible for the state’s Medicaid program regardless of their immigration status.

State officials expect the plan to cover about 90,000 people and cost taxpayers $98 million. California already covers children ages 18 and younger regardless of immigration status.

The law will not give health insurance benefits to everyone 25 and younger, but only those whose income is low enough to qualify.

Newsom and Democratic legislative leaders say they plan to further expand coverage to more adults in the years to come. Republican President Donald Trump has called the move “crazy .”

Advocates of the measure say it’s a way to improve the health of immigrants in the state by providing them with access to the medical care they need.

Many immigrants who are in the country illegally are already enrolled for some government-funded programs, but they only cover emergencies and pregnancies.

Democrats had pushed to expand the coverage to even more adults, but Newsom rejected the proposals, saying it would cost about $3.4 billion to provide coverage to all California adults living in the country illegally. But he has vowed to keep expanding coverage in future years.

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  1. Joe Lovell says:

    Democrats – still putting foreigners here illegally ahead of American citizens.

  2. Nathaniel Carreon Jr. says:

    We have poor homeless Americans that the govt. dont help but they have money for foreign parasites.

  3. Californians didn’t vote for this in communist California the government does whatever it wants to do. In elections, for the most part, there are two democrats to vote for. There is no voice or vote here really. John Cox was one of the first Republicans that voters had the option to vote for in years. The rest of America should be very careful, because your state will turn into California.

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