BOYLE HEIGHTS (CBSLA) — A neighborhood tradition in Boyle Heights continued this Fourth of July as illegal fireworks once again lit up the sky.

A palm tree in San Bernardino was set ablaze Thursday night by illegal fireworks. (San Bernardino PD)

Bands played at house parties as food was served on banquet tables in yards and empty lots, but for many the fireworks were the highlight of the neighborhood activities.

A man, who goes by the name of Hector, organized the fireworks this year

“It’s just a tradition for the family,” he said. “All the kids love it as you can see the smiles on their faces.”

Neighbors lined the streets to watch the show and enjoy the festive atmosphere, but some felt the tradition was unsafe.

“All the little kids could get burned, and some parents let their kids light fireworks,” one woman said. “And I don’t think they should do that.”

And while there were no immediate reports of problems caused by the fireworks in Boyle Heights, other communities like San Bernardino were inundated with calls for service.

To ensure there are no accidents, another woman, Monica, said that she makes sure that the more dangerous activities are done by adults.

“We make sure that the kids don’t like up nothing,” she said. “We make sure the kids stay away and keep their distance.”

And though the neighborhood’s tradition happens all around LAPD’s Hollenbeck station, officers can’t seem to clamp down on the illegal activity.

“We just hope that they don’t pass by,” Hector said.

People who are caught with illegal fireworks in Los Angeles County could face fines of up to $5,000.


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