ANAHEIM (CBSLA) – FasTrak users in Orange County will now be able to replace those expensive hard-case transponders with much cheaper stickers.

Beginning in early June, the Toll Roads of O.C. began sending out 15,000 free sticker transponders per day to the more than 700,000 FasTrak account holders in the county.

The bandage-size transparent stickers go on the inside of windshield to collect tolls. They can be used on any toll road or bridge in California, and will eventually be able to be used nationwide, according to the Toll Roads.

The sticker works using a small embedded antenna and does not require a battery like the hard-case transponder.

Starting July 1, the Toll Roads is also getting rid of the monthly account maintenance fee for FasTrak accounts, which will save drivers around $25 a year per transponder.

FasTrak users will still pay their tolls from a prepaid account. However, in October, they will be able to use a pay as you go option which will simply charge their credit card every time they drive the 73, 133, 241 and 261 freeways.

The Toll Roads is the first tolling agency in the state to make the switch to stickers.

For more information on the new stickers, click here.


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