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SANTA ANA (CBSLA) — More people are leaving Orange and Los Angeles counties than are moving in, according to census data.

A breakdown of last year’s census numbers shows Orange County had 20,104 more people leave than move in, marking the 10th worst net out-migration among big counties in the U.S. L.A. County had 98,608 people leave, marking the biggest net loss in the U.S.

Gabriela Aragon, of Santa Ana, isn’t surprised to hear about exodus.

“If I want a nice three bedroom home … you think you’re not gonna be able to afford it here so maybe elsewhere,” she said.

But not everyone is moving out of state. Riverside County had 18,980 people move in; that’s the fourth biggest gain in the nation, according to the data.

“I think you can get what we have here elsewhere, you just have to find it,” said Kai Nguyen.

“I’ve seen the rent prices go sky-high. My family personally lives in Corona but some of them are talking about moving out to Texas,” another woman said.

Leaving is still going to cost you. According to one U-Haul store employee in Orange County, trucks going one-way out of state are in high demand.

From Orange County to Phoenix, a 26 ft. truck is estimated to cost $1,465. The same truck going in the opposite direction is estimated to cost $101.

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  1. Saw this on Drudge. Went to http://www.PressCalifornia.com for more real California news.

  2. John Steele says:

    We left also.. Terrible roads, Crimes way up, murders down the street, traffic jams at all hours
    and energy / Gasoline are un-affordable due to the Carbon taxes. Say good bye and don’t bring your voting habits with you where ever you decide to move to. You are the reason people are leaving this one party state.

    1. Robert Benjamin says:

      Holmes? Are you referring to Katie?? If you’re going to use slang, get it right.

  3. Gary Bell says:

    Put up a wall and don’t let them out. They may spread the corruption to the rest of the country who at least have a little common sense.

  4. Aldo Bender says:

    Unless you are uber wealthy, the place is a hole… it’s just dreadful to be there when I have to go on biz.

  5. Troy Dynes says:

    Unfortunately those leaving California are infecting other states. They should be quarantined in Canada.

    1. Joanne Branen Levy says:

      Troy Dynes: You do the conservative, thinking, people of faith who respect their country and the Constitution and choose to no longer live in California a grave disservice when you speak so disrespectfully and thoughtlessly. Just as everyone from Colorado is not a pothead, neither is everyone from California a raging liberal but you are dangerously close to being a bigot. I do not think that is your intention.

      1. Ray Charles says:

        Joanne, you are very right. I left CA in 2002. I am FAR more conservative, traditional, patriotic, liberty focused and politically active to this affect than 99.9% of people in CO, where I live now. I bet big money that Troy is a liberal, compared to me.

  6. Thomas Lawrence says:

    Why not drive to destination, rent truck, load up and drive back?

    1. Chris Kramer says:

      Because Uhaul monitors the miles on the truck and you will pay for it that way also. Unless you try to cheat them by disconnecting the speedometer system. They likely have a GPS system for backup.

  7. Charles Mitchell says:

    Please leave the left wing nausea where you found it…In Mexifornia.

  8. Jim Southerland says:

    the “makers” leave, the “takers” remain. Who will pay taxes now?

  9. Randy Robison says:

    Yeah, we know here in Texas. That’s why my house value has almost doubled since Trump was elected. Y’all are welcome here, just leave the policies that tanked Cali back home. Texas is solid because Texas is Republican!

  10. Khalid Nurredin says:

    Only the losers are leaving. There’s a reason California has the NUMBER FIVE GDP in the world. If you can’t figure out how to make money,you need to be in a red state.

    1. John Mosbrook says:

      You are living in the 20th century when California had the 6th largest economy. Today it ranks about 12th in GDP thanks to the lunatics running the state. The source of California’s present GDP is Silicon Valley. But this revenue engine only benefits 1% of the state’s population. Fully a third of the population is indigent.

  11. Felix Cuvreau says:

    Yet the contrived home and rent prices continue to rise.

  12. Please don’t come to Texas. Austin is full of liberals trying to make us suck like California. We don’t need more of you.

  13. Walter Chan says:

    Moreno Valley is the best kept secret affordable city in southern California, I think. Homes always cost less than you think it is (prices almost close to Las Vegas and Phoenix), and you get better weather than Riverside, and shorter drive to Los Angeles than you think, Only the too diverse population is holding people back to move there.

  14. Joanne Bailey says:

    Please don’t bring your disease to Texas. Oregon is nice – you should go there.

    1. Chris Kramer says:

      Joanne, Texans do plenty of cr/\p in other states. They buy up all the homes in small resort towns in CO, convert them into hotels, aka AIRBNB vacation rentals, and drive all the lower income people out who no longer have anyplace to rent. Also, Texans invade towns and act like they own the place, F%^&ing hate TexASS holes.

  15. Jim Hyland says:

    Not just in California, we are witnessing the entire world in decline; immorality, violence, public shaming and political divisions. What is going on, could these be the last days, has God given up man to his sin? To learn more, check E Bible Fellowship.

  16. Mark Mullins says:

    It’s understandable that you would want to flee that failed experiment into socialism, but wherever you go, please do us a favor and avoid making the same choices at the ballot box, that ruined California.

  17. Hablar Claro says:

    We just landed in Cottonwood, AZ and love it. Smaller town with conservative politics.

  18. U-Haul shouldn’t be able to gauge customers that way. 🙁

  19. My biggest fear is that the people fleeing this one Party oligarchy state still will vote for the exact same people who destroy their state of California and ruin the places they move too. I am all for leaving, But for the love of God do NOT VOTE FOR LEFT WING POLITICIANS IN YOUR NEXT STATE!!!

  20. Learn to swim. See you in the Arizona Bay.

  21. Peter Ferris says:

    Please don’t come to Texas, all you are going to do is bring your far left politics with you. The same ones that got you into this mess. It gives a whole new meaning to Don’t MESS with Texas!

    1. Chris Kramer says:

      Texans, please stay in Texas. Your obnoxious big mouths, smoking and driving are intolerable!!!! Texans do plenty of cr/\p in other states. They buy up all the homes in small resort towns in CO, convert them into hotels, aka AIRBNB vacation rentals, and drive all the lower income people out who no longer have anyplace to rent. Also, Texans invade towns and act like they own the place, F%^&ing hate TexASS holes.

      1. John Akridge says:

        You keep saying that but it only proves you have had a few encounters with Texans that you are displeased with. This article refers to Taxpayers leaving California en masse. There are not people fleeing the horrible politics of Texas they are fleeing the horrible political and economic situation of California. I am sorry for your bad experience here or there but on total Texans are far more politically advanced and aware of how to maintain a prosperous society.

  22. Tom Lecoq says:

    Left OC in 2003 for the High Desert. Friendly people, lots to do and see. Do a quick lunch in Big Bear on the always open back road. Incredible theater activity for example. Conservative politics for the most part. Housing you can actually afford. But best if you find a way to make a living up here. Hot days in Summer, but 35 degree cooler at night. Usa a swamp cooler instead of AC (1/3rd the cost). Quick access to Ontario Airport, the most convenient airport in So Cal. But please, leave your stupid Lib horse poop down the hill, don’t ruin another place the way the Left’s destroyed the once great city where I was born and raised. I was forced to go down to L.A. recently and was shocked at the encampments on the roadsides. L.A. doesn’t work.

  23. scottzwartz says:

    Duh! You could have read this in CityWatchLA and Zwartz Talk years ago. It’s the corruptionism inherent in the New Urbanism which has concentrated power in the hands of a few land owners and who are ripping off everyone else. Of course, smart Family Milennials are laving/ Why? because they’re smart.

    http://bit.ly/1cPdZCR March 25, 2015, Zwartz Talk, Power Corrupts; Corruption Destroys – Power and Corruption at Los Angeles City Hall, by Scott Zwartz

  24. Brett Houston says:

    Many are leaving due to tyrannical forced vaccinations. A violation of the First Principle of the Nuremberg Code is “The voluntary consent of the human subject”…
    The more ya know, the less ya just beLIEve.

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