CORONA (CBSLA) – A shooting involving an off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officer was being investigated Saturday after the officer reportedly fired his gun inside of a Costco Wholesale in Corona Friday, killing one person and injuring three.

Officers were sent to the scene at 7:46 p.m. after receiving calls of an active shooter inside, according to the Corona Police Department.

Witnesses said the gunfire started when two men got into an argument inside of the store.

“From my understanding, from some people we talked to, there was apparently an argument inside. Some type of argument that ensued into a gun battle,”  Lt. Jeff Edwards told reporters.

Upon their arrival, officers reported finding one dead and three wounded, including the suspect.

According to CBSLA reporter Joy Benedict, the LAPD had “use of force” investigators at the scene all night as the department conducted their own investigation.

The off-duty LAPD officer reportedly works in the Southwest Division and shot and killed a man during an altercation after feeling threatened.

LAPD released a statement Saturday morning saying, “The Los Angeles Police Department has learned that one of our off-duty patrol officers assigned to Southwest Division was involved in a shooting in Corona Friday night. Our officer suffered minor injuries in the incident and was transported to a local hospital where he was treated and released. The Department has initiated an Administrative Investigation and is working with the Corona Police Department to learn more about the incident.”

The injured– including the off-duty officer —  were transported to a local hospital.

Corona Police on Saturday identified the dead man as Kenneth French, 32, of Riverside. They also said French and the unidentified officer did not know each other. Police said French assaulted the officer while the officer was holding his young child.

The officer shot and killed French and critically wounded two of French’s family members. The officer was treated at the hospital and released.

Officials said the officer’s weapon was the only one used in the incident.

Witnesses at the scene told CBSLA reporter Nicole Comstock they heard an argument before hearing seven or eight shots.

The investigation is currently ongoing. The officer is not in custody as investigators look into what may have prompted the shooting including the possibility of self-defense.

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  1. Nathan Holder says:

    off duty was arguing and then shot and killed someone and hurt 2 other people this person need to goto jail yes the fear maybe be there bc of the cops that was just shot and died but if u r arguing and it gets out of hand and ur a cop then u know how to de-escalate it and that’s not bad pulling a gun out there is no possibility of self-defense with a argument just shut up and walk away

  2. Joe Hernandez says:

    Exactly, Nathan. How many regular people don’t have arguments with strangers every day? How many end up with dead people in a grocery store?

  3. Yep, the shooter was a cop, and now all the other cops will be covering his backside so he either doesn’t get charged (most likely) or gets off on the charges. Sounds like this cop has major anger issues.

  4. James McSherman says:

    Did I miss something or was the cop holding a young child? I guess the cop could have told the Mohawk guy to wait a minute to let him find someone to hold his child and then he would fist fight him and his other two thugs. *If* the 3 shot were there aggressors, they got what they got. The cop was a parent and trying to keep his child safe at that point. Again, *if* the 3 were the aggressors, why would they attack a man (or woman) holding a young child? I think the force continuum was at the highest level if this was the case.

  5. Dale Lowry says:

    We all know the outcome of this, the cop will be cleared of all charges and the investigators will say it was justified, no matter what we do or say they protect each other.

  6. Friedhelm Shepherd says:

    None of you know any of the facts so shut your pie holes. Let the process play out.

  7. Rinlian Ipa says:

    Is anyone actually surprised

  8. Daniel Ward says:

    If you want to know what cops think of you, this should tell you what you need to know. Anyone else would be in custody and charged with murder.

  9. David Whitten says:

    Nice job LAPD. Have any of your officers been bitten by the Aedes species mosquito?

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