impeach, rally, trump Activists Hold Impeachment Rally In West L.A. – CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Political activists rallied in West L.A. Saturday to send a message to Washington: impeach President Donald Trump.

Pro-impeachment rallies were held across the country, including in New York. Some Democrats are increasingly vocal about impeachment but so far House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been hesitant to move forward with proceedings; and some citizens are saying it’s time to push ahead.

“It’s no longer a question whether or not our president is a criminal. We know that he is a criminal,” one woman said. “It is no longer a question whether or not he was exonerated by the Mueller report. We know that he was not.”

Supporters of President Trump came out as well and verbally clashed with folks in favor of impeachment.

“We love our president. We think he is doing one heck of a great job. The Democrats are very, very upset with him because they didn’t expect him to become president,” one man said.

“They are grasping for straws because the Democrats are afraid Trump will win again,” he added.

Only two presidents in U.S. history have been impeached: Johnson and Clinton. Neither was removed from office.

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  1. Mike Evans says:

    Hmmm. not many people there. Funny how not letting someone have their way is now a criminal act.

  2. Greg Zotta says:

    These silly, ignorant anti-Trump un-American leftists calling President Donald Trump a criminal and demand his impeachment, but never give a specific crime that he supposedly committed. They are getting their misinformation from the propaganda media, leftist sites and DemonRATS, which makes them look STUPID.

  3. Phil Smith says:

    Shameful for news organizations to give these anti-American people a voice.

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