LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A Moreno Valley man captured on camera a trio of wild donkeys in a neighbor’s yard, one of whom was apparently about to give birth.

Joshua Murcray posted the images Thursday of three burros next to a residential driveway in the area of Sunnymeade Ranch Drive and Lake Road, where he says he heard one of the animals “moaning” and “about to have us a baby!”.

“Anyone know an animal midwife?” he asked on the Facebook post.

(Photo credit: Joshua Murcray/Facebook

“Every now and again she would lay back and throw back her head, the others were just keeping an eye out for her,” said Murcray.

They later left for a house across the street once the sprinklers turned on, he added.

But according to Murcray, no baby ever arrived, and after spending the night in his yard, the burros made their way out of the area.

Murcray says he’s not sure where they went but he will “look for them again” Friday night.