INGLEWOOD (CBSLA) – A debate heated up inside of Inglewood City Hall on Tuesday evening over a proposed rent control ordinance.

The ordinance would cap landlords at 8% a year, but many renters fear that the percentage is too high.

“Wages are not keeping up with the rising cost of rents. Here in Inglewood alone, rents have raised 30% in the last two years,” said D’Artagnan Scorcza of Uplift Inglewood.

Many speakers asked for not only rent control but a rollback, as some landlords have already raised rents in anticipation of this vote.

“This time last year I was paying $1,550. January I was laying $1,750. March $1,875, and for May and June I was expected to pay $2,000 without paying for parking,” said one renter who spoke at the meeting.

Althea Moses grew up in Inglewood and is currently a renter who wants rent control.

“About six families left this year because the landlord raised the rent hundreds of dollars,” said Moses. “It’s gonna stop those landlords from gauging tenants.”

Landlords showed up by the dozens as well to speak at the debate.

“I’ve been a rental property owner in the city for 42 years,” said landlord Roderick Wright.

Wright says he invested in this city, long before it was trendy.

He wants the right to rent the property at market value and says any cap affects his ability to get loans to fix up his property

“If I go to refinance a building and I have a rent cap, the the refi amount will be subject to the amount of income that that building can get in,” said Wright.

Rent stabilization has been a big issue for residents and businesses in Inglewood as the city prepares for a new stadium and has seen a lot of growth.

Those who love the city just want to make sure its greatest asset isn’t lost.