FULLERTON (CBSLA) — A Fullerton dog kennel and boarding facility was apparently doubling as a drug-dealing business involving several employees and the owner.

Richard Sanders, owner of Sanders K-9 Inn at 112 W. Walnut Ave., was arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs and drug paraphernalia. Two employees, 38-year-old Juan Coronado of Corona and 30-year-old Jennifer Sandoval of San Dimas, were also arrested for various drug charges

Police say a probationer with an outstanding warrant, Christopher Proglio, 53, of Fullerton, was living in the kennel. He was also arrested on suspicion of possessing methamphetamine for sale, possessing brass knuckles and forging of an official seal.

Fullerton police spokesman Lt. Jon Radus says after Proglio was stopped outside the kennel Wednesday with 28 grams of heroin and 1.6 grams of methamphetamine on him, detectives conducted a probation search and found several items indicating drug sales were happening inside the facility.

The kennel at the time of the search housed about 20 dogs, who all appeared to be in good health. They were left in the care of an employee who detectives did not believe to be involved in the alleged drug activity.

The investigation into the kennel’s activity is on-going, and anyone with information about it can contact Fullerton police Sgt. Gharah at (714) 738-6127 or email pgharah@fullertonpd.org.


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