LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — People riding bicycles alongside cars in Los Angeles traffic have been spotted not once, but twice this week.

A driver captured at least people on bicycles in middle lanes of the northbound 110 Freeway toward the 101 Freeway interchange through downtown Los Angeles Thursday. At least one of them was caught on video popping a wheelie.

Thursday’s bizarre sighting was actually the second time someone has been seen riding a bicycle – the type powered by feet and legs – down a busy freeway. On Monday, a man was caught on video riding down a center lane of the 101 Freeway in Hollywood.

California does not explicitly ban bicycles on its freeways, because there are rural areas where there are no alternate routes. However, local jurisdictions can keep bicyclists from riding on its freeways by posting signs stating the prohibition.

“When a bicyclist is legally traveling on a freeway, he/she may be directed off the freeway at the next off-ramp by a sign that says ‘Bicycles Must Exit,’” the answer to a California Department of Transportation frequently-asked-question states. “The freeway will be posted at the next on-ramp with a sign that says ‘ Bicycles Prohibited.’”

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  1. Valery Latulippe-Chevrefils says:

    they are really LOUD on instagram, not to hard to find who it was.

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