LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Security video captured what first looks like routine mail delivery, but in seconds flips to what appears to be a disturbing case of animal cruelty.

The video captured a mail carrier reaching into her bag and then dropping something.

A home security camera caught the moment a mail carrier pepper-sprayed a seemingly calm dog in the face.

Moments later, she picks up the object and then sprays the dog in the face.

Jose Amezcua, the dog’s owner, says his 4-year-old Siberian husky Coco was acting strangely on Monday when he came home from work.

That’s when Jose checked his security cameras and saw what had transpired.

“He was rubbing his face on the grass…obviously something wrong with him. I was able to rinse him out that night,” said Amezcua.

Amezcua took Coco to the vet and the husky is said to be doing fine.

A family member reported the incident to the US Postal Service.

“I just feel like the time that she took to take out the spray, drop it, shake it and still spray him she could have just left the mail,” said Amezcua.

USPS had been in contact with Amezcua but he has not been told if there will be any consequences for the mail carrier.

Amezcua says he just wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to someone else’s dog.

“It’s part of the family. Some people won’t see it that way, but if you had a dog for a while, he’s part of the family.”

CBSLA has reached out to USPS about the incident and has not heard back.

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  1. Horace C. Lank says:

    Be thankful she was only a mail carrier that makes bad decisions. If she had been a cop your dog would be dead and you probably would be in jail (or worse).

    1. Steven Martinj says:

      Why are you ignoring her cruelty? Why are you giving her a free pass?

    2. Joseph Staab says:

      It wasn’t a cop, it was a sadistic piece of s*** mail carrier, who could clearly see that the fenced-in dog was NO THREAT TO HER WHATSOEVER. She did it for kicks and she’s probably done it before on other animals whose owner didn’t have a camera. She should be terminated immediately from the USPS and at the same time she needs to be charged and tried for animal cruelty. What a hunk of human garbage.

      1. Jeffry Blackmon says:

        Interesting that it was a black person. They seem to enjoy violence and harming others. Check out Colin Flaherty’s “White girl bleed a lot” website.

    3. Bob Satierfed says:

      And when someone breaks into your house or harms you, who are you going to call? Your ignorance is astonishing!!!!

      1. The coroner. We’re still well armed here.

  2. Randy De Rousse says:

    Need to go by mail carriers house and return the favor

  3. Bryn Bailey says:

    Spray her in the face see how she likes it. I’ve sprayed myself in the face with pepper spray before it’s not that bad she will be fine.

    1. Steven Martinj says:

      Who the f cares is she will be fine? Was the dog fine? Just goes to show WOMEN can be cruel as well as those jerks all evil is done solely by men.

  4. iratenate says:

    Do we really need the post office anymore? I mean, besides the endless supply of junk mail, what purpose do they serve?

    1. THIS!!!!!!!! I realize it was a joke on an episode of Seinfeld, but it’s 2019: people pay their bills and do all of their correspondence by internet/email. The postal service is a service whose necessity has come and gone. Shouldn’t we have some ability to opt out of getting mail? My mail is 100% junk and goes directly into the recycling bin.

  5. Perpetual victims like to take their anger out on the defenseless.

  6. Looks like a nice dog. Much nicer than the post woman.

  7. John Oakman says:

    Looking at the mail carrier—is there Any doubt????

  8. With FEW exceptions, blacks are a plague on the civilized world!
    The carrier should be promptly terminated!

  9. Mike Beloud says:

    she’ll get a paid suspension #GovernmentWorker

  10. Fire the chimp and close down the USPS.
    Both are useless.

    1. Lee Jenkins says:

      “Chimp?” You do the Confederacy an extreme disservice with such talk and only give ammunition to its foes. Most likely you’re some Leftist-troll just trying to stir up animosity.

  11. Donny Dingle says:

    The mail carrier should be fired! Period.

  12. zenmanyo says:

    Looks like a hate crime.

  13. We used to have an amazing mail carrier for our area then he moved on to a different position and the replacements we got are useless. They don’t want to do anything to help you receive packages and will try to stuff your community mailbox to the point of tearing and damaging your deliveries. They’re lazy, typical useless government workers.

  14. Donald Whitlock says:

    SPRAYING a HUSKY? This woman should be fired immediately. Huskies are very friendly.

  15. Larry Waltz says:

    Trying to protect america.

  16. Did anyone else guess it would be an African American female? I totally thought it would be a white, male, cisgendered carrier spraying a black dog. Boy was I shocked.

  17. Greg Krynen says:

    That dig was non-aggressive, wagging tail in a happy manner, not barking and she chose to spray him in the face. Dirt bag person. Good dog.

  18. Karen Ross says:

    gee who would have thought that race could do that! Are we not being told how great they are?

  19. Dave Hardesty says:

    She had better be glad that she didn’t do that to my dog. If the USPS didn’t fire her I would put her in the hospital and gladly go to jail for the trouble. If the dog was attacking her it would be a different story. I would probably dispose of the dog myself. But that was not the case here and what she did was animal cruelty. She deserves, at the very least, to be terminated from her employment. Doe she steal mail and Amazon deliveries too?

  20. James Graves says:

    Carrier should be fired. She was in no danger from that dog.

  21. Paul Roberts says:

    What does it take to get fired from a Government job if this is not it? I would report it to police and see if charges could be filed.

  22. Bob Morley says:

    I’ll tell you the consequences: that guy is NOT going to get all his mail every again.

  23. As the fence was between her and the dog and the mailbox was on the outside, this evil person needs some jail time.

  24. Saw this on Drudge. Went to http://www.PressCalifornia.com for more wacky news from California.

  25. She is a federal employee, nothing will happen to her except maybe a promotion.

  26. Dusty Granger says:

    I feel ashamed to say I did a terribly racist thing. When I saw the title link of this latest social deprivation to civilized behavior, I made the assumption that the perpetrator would be a member of a certain racial demographics. And I was right! Just like I am 99.9 percent of the time when I make these terribly racist assumptions. Just terrible!.

  27. Edward Rhoads says:

    Expect nothing less from a Ghetto Rat.

  28. Vox Veritas says:

    She’s a minority female. Don’t pretend you didn’t know that there will be no accountability. She’ll probably get PTO for PTSD as a result, with a guaranteed bonus and increase as she’s out on paid leave.

  29. I have clients who have an un natural fear of dogs. The clients are all black. Go figure. This girl shoud never have been hired. Maybe black is a discriminator.

  30. What a piece of filth – If the USPS doesn’t fire this trash, I’d file a lawsuit.

  31. David Goodrich says:

    Fire that mail carrier.

  32. With FEW exceptions,blacks are a plague on the civilized world!

  33. That’s why they call it going postal.

  34. Too bad she’s a black female and therefore can never be fired.

  35. La Jacks says:

    The B!TCH needs to be ARRESTED for ANIMAL CRUELTY.

  36. Elena George says:

    Outrageous conduct on the part of the mail carrier. The dog was not barking nor trying to vault the fence to “get her.” All she had to do was put the mail in the box and go to the next door. Pepper spraying the dog was unconscionable and totally unnecessary.

    Mind you, I’m not a dog lover, but that dog was not bothering you, woman. You had no call to do what you did. If you worked for me, I’d cut you loose to find a new job.

  37. James Miller says:

    “Be thankful she was only a mail carrier that makes bad decisions. If she had been a cop your dog would be dead and you probably would be in jail (or worse).”

    All due to quota hires.

  38. Erik Muller says:

    This has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with animal cruelty. This postal carrier should be charged with animal cruelty, and fired.

  39. Christopher Perrien says:

    Needs to be fired