LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Security video captured what first looks like routine mail delivery, but in seconds flips to what appears to be a disturbing case of animal cruelty.

The video captured a mail carrier reaching into her bag and then dropping something.

A home security camera caught the moment a mail carrier pepper-sprayed a seemingly calm dog in the face.

Moments later, she picks up the object and then sprays the dog in the face.

Jose Amezcua, the dog’s owner, says his 4-year-old Siberian husky Coco was acting strangely on Monday when he came home from work.

That’s when Jose checked his security cameras and saw what had transpired.

“He was rubbing his face on the grass…obviously something wrong with him. I was able to rinse him out that night,” said Amezcua.

Amezcua took Coco to the vet and the husky is said to be doing fine.

A family member reported the incident to the US Postal Service.

“I just feel like the time that she took to take out the spray, drop it, shake it and still spray him she could have just left the mail,” said Amezcua.

USPS had been in contact with Amezcua but he has not been told if there will be any consequences for the mail carrier.

Amezcua says he just wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to someone else’s dog.

“It’s part of the family. Some people won’t see it that way, but if you had a dog for a while, he’s part of the family.”

CBSLA has reached out to USPS about the incident and has not heard back.

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  1. La Jacks says:

    The B!TCH needs to be ARRESTED for ANIMAL CRUELTY.

  2. Elena George says:

    Outrageous conduct on the part of the mail carrier. The dog was not barking nor trying to vault the fence to “get her.” All she had to do was put the mail in the box and go to the next door. Pepper spraying the dog was unconscionable and totally unnecessary.

    Mind you, I’m not a dog lover, but that dog was not bothering you, woman. You had no call to do what you did. If you worked for me, I’d cut you loose to find a new job.

  3. James Miller says:

    “Be thankful she was only a mail carrier that makes bad decisions. If she had been a cop your dog would be dead and you probably would be in jail (or worse).”

    All due to quota hires.

  4. Erik Muller says:

    This has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with animal cruelty. This postal carrier should be charged with animal cruelty, and fired.

  5. Christopher Perrien says:

    Needs to be fired

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