LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)  — Rats, roaches, fleas.

An infestation of vermin at a building in Downtown Los Angeles is allegedly making people sick.

CBS2’KCAL9’s Sara Donchey reports that the people getting sick are work at one of LAPD’s stations.

LAPD’s Central Division is in the heart of Skid Row.  It appears the troubled areas problems are, in this case, stemming from inside the building.

The LAPD says an employee at that station contracted salmonella typhi, which typically comes from infected food or water.

A second employee is believed to have now contracted the same thing.

CBS2/KCAL9 has obtained an OSHA report citing the LAPD for an unclean work area. The report cited, among other things, “the presence of rats/rodents, fleas, roaches, flies gnats, mosquitoes and grasshoppers” at the LAPD Central Community Police Station.

This isn’t the first time rats have infested a city building.

Earlier this year, a city attorney contracted typhus at LA City Hall.

The LA Police Protective League issued a statement Wednesday evening. It read in part, “Officers worry enough about being shot or injured policing the streets of Los Angeles. They shouldn’t also have to worry about being infected with diseases they can take home to their families simply by showing up to work.”

The strong statement also called for the immediate clean-up of these buildings.

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  1. Secilia Miranda says:

    Many streets of Los Angeles are not being cleaned up, a lot of trash all over and No one seems to care.

  2. Kurt Smith says:

    yeah, yer gonna see that in your 3rd world sx xtholes.

  3. Saw this on Drudge. Went to http://www.PressCalifornia.com for more real California news.

  4. Charlie Harper says:

    This is what happens when Democrats run your city.

  5. Tom McGeachin says:

    Mayor Garcetti is incorrectly responsible for this. He is a Hard Left virtue signaling disaster

  6. Michelle Smith says:

    Well, at least they don’t have bedbugs.

  7. Dee Win says:

    Invite the third-world, get third-world conditions.

    California. . .Mexifornia. . .Calizuela. . .

    1. Tony Separovic says:

      Yet ,you brain dead californians keep electing these same liberal democrats to run your cities..I think the suntan lotion in your state is making you all dumb…please stay in california and don’t bring your ignorance to other states…Clean up your own state

  8. If only that money that was poured into a train to nowhere was put to work cleaning up the city.

  9. Reed Smith says:

    Wow….welcome to the world democrats have wrought

  10. Alan Whitney says:

    Not like Adam 12…

  11. Richard Baker says:

    Snake Plissken, call your office.

  12. Mary Wright Pippert says:

    First gets some cats and bug spray. Then clean up around your station. Then elect someone, not a democrat, to clean up your streets.

  13. Bobby Sargent says:

    Just hire the people to do the jobs we stinking Gringo’s are too lazy to do cleaning up that mess. Let them pick those crops!

  14. So, no editing staff? You’ve posted for the world to read…with a glaring error in sentence #2. (Are you professionals or amateurs with a website?)

  15. John Mattaboni says:

    It looks more and more like Mexico every day, si? Mission accomplished.

  16. Drew is right. Politicians in CA should be held criminally liable.

  17. Don Stickney says:

    So, these people are ‘allegedly’ sick from this?! Got it!

  18. Travis Waldrop says:

    Never once mentioning (or dare I say, showing) all the trash piles and homeless encampments in the area creating the problem. Bravo intrepid news reporters.

    1. tomkay1012 says:

      Yeah, just like the measles out break, blame it on everything but the disease carrying invaders.

  19. John Beargrass says:

    LA, a real 3rd world S##t Hole along with SanFransisco and others.

  20. Brian House says:

    California is infecting the rest of America and needs to be cut of like a foot with gangrene.
    Inviting all the filth to come stay in California what do you expect.?!! This is what happens when you are a Sanctuary State.

  21. Karen DeLong says:

    Feel really bad for those officers…..but couldn’t happen to a better state. This is what you dimwits brought on to yourselves.

  22. Round up all these homeless and send them to us in Seattle…We welcome them here !

  23. Jim Hyland says:

    Sadly, America’s best days are behind her. Not because of mass immigration, nonassimilation, the jobless, drug abuse, the homeless, radical politics, etc. We have turned our backs on the word of God. Even the churches have come under His judgment for their rebellion. God’s prolonged spiritual judgment has begun on America and the world, as we rapidly approach the last day. To learn more, check E Bible Fellowship.

  24. Big Mama says:

    RICH cultural DIEversity .you let humans act like animals ..then this is what you get

  25. Jim M. Ryles says:

    Yet they keep voting for this same garbage every election….demo-rats. The goal of progressive liberal socialists and communists is to make everyone , except the “Dear Leaders” equally poor and dependent, to live in the same third world s-hole as the rest of the world….GET A CLUE!

  26. Shep Kreitenstein says:

    Thank your local, state and Federal DimokkKRATS. You are living in the infested squalor they have created and sustain.

  27. Markey Farrell says:

    Drudge’s headline said infested with rats, roaches and feas. I thought this was about liberals.
    my bad

  28. Russell Barclay says:

    Welcome to Mexico.

  29. Joanne Bailey says:

    third world people = third world hygiene. This is why I would never go to a Starbucs. I have lived in the third world ( SE Asia) – they don’t even have running water in the public restrooms. Toilet paper is largely unknown. Trash everywhere. No such thing as a hot shower. Hand washing is often impossible and not seen as important.

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