LADERA HEIGHTS (CBSLA) — A 102-year-old woman is being forced out of her home in Ladera Heights.

Family and friends of Thelma Smith are banning together after she received an eviction notice and is being forced to relocate.

Smith’s landlord intends to move his daughter into the residence one she graduates from law school.

At 102-years-old, Thelma Smith is being forced out of her home in Ladera Heights.

Smith has lost most of her family over the years, including her husband, and her remaining family lives on the East Coast.

Her family and friends said her options are limited to moving in with someone nearby or moving into assisted living which is difficult to do on her fixed income.

“Right now it’s the unknown that’s bothering her as far relocating her to her new places,” said family friend Antonio Avelino. “She couldn’t afford it she would need some assistance from county and other friends to support her in these places.”

CBSLA’s Amy Johnson spoke to the landlord.

“We know legally you can make her leave but 102?  Would you kick out a 102-year-old woman?” asked Johnson.

The landlord replied by saying, “Would you take care of your child?”

“The only thing that I can say is that I’ve tried to live a good life, I’ve never wanted to harm anybody,” said Smith.

Smith must vacate the house by June 30.

In the meantime, her friends are looking for places for her to live in the area.

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  1. Ron Henzel says:

    Typo notice: “banning together?” No. It’s “banding together.”

    You’re welcome.

  2. “Forced out”? No- she was LEGALLY and VERY generously given three whole months to move, and this is after paying NOTHING for thirty-odd years for this place! The taxes alone (that pay for people who never pay into our system) are higher than her rent! Who the h— do people think they are?? They want free everything and handed to them on a silver platter. The “mean” owner worked VERY hard to pay for HIS house, times are tough, their daughter needs a place to stay. Good Lord- has the world gone mad?? Those who earned their lot are forced to hand it over to the millions who do nothing and expect it for free?? This is outrageous. The pity should be directed at the owner, whos’ been putting up with letting her live there for practically nothing for a generation! Where’s the gratitude??