LONG BEACH (CBSLA) — A racist rant from a customer at a Long Beach sushi bar and restaurant on Mother’s Day turned into an all-out brawl that was caught on video.

Ivan Velasco says he had taken his mother out for a Mother’s Day dinner at Aburi in Long Beach when an angry customer who had already been kicked out returned to continue his tirade.

The unnamed man apparently became angry over the two-hour wait, then took out his ire on another customer.

“He then starts shouting at them, it’s a shouting match back and forth,” Velasco said. “And from then on, he says the racial slur that’s heard in the video, which, if you were in the room, the moment he said that, everybody was like – the ball dropped. Everyone knew this was something.”

In the video, the angry customer can be heard yelling, “C’mon monkey man!” Another customer can be heard urging someone, “hey, don’t do it, don’t do it. Hey, it’s not worth it, it’s not worth it, bro.”

A woman in red is seen trying to get in between the two men before the angry customer charges another man who is not visible in the video. The woman in red then takes matters into her own hands, punching the angry customer several times as the restaurant erupts into cheers.

“There’s a lady who’s trying to protect him, the lady winds up hitting him, she’s trying to say, ‘hey, you don’t need this, you don’t need this’” Velasco said. “He charges at those two patrons, he keeps saying those slurs, and that’s when she loses it, she punches him five times in the face.”

The man finally left, and apparently went to call police. Long Beach police would not go into detail about the incident, but say a man and a woman were both issued citations for battery.

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  1. Dave Hardesty says:

    Because he had to wait two hours to be seated? On Mothers Day? Is a Sushi Bar a fast food place like McDonald’s? Talk about unrealistic expectations.


    2. Dan Purcell says:

      White self loathing California liberal racists are like that because they take their sushi very seriously.

    3. John Reece says:

      I have a rule: I’m not outraged until I get to see the video of what happened BEFORE the video segment that’s gone viral…..Call it the “Rodney King” principle.

  2. both got citations, good, you can’t punch someone no matter what vile venom they spew. Hopefully that racist arse will be banned from that establishment for life

    1. Agreed. For some reason, in this day and age, some people think it’s ok to physically attack someone because they’ve said something you don’t like. Words are just words. If you raise the exchange to violence, you should get charged.

  3. The great thing about moving away from huge metro areas is getting away from traffic and crowded restaurants, etc.

  4. Joe Quinn says:

    The man was a jerk for his role in this, without doubt.
    The woman, well, I could have seen that coming.
    Who reacts like that? anyone?… anyone?… Bueller?

  5. Bill Becker says:

    Don’t EVER call me “bro” or I’ll kick your asp.

    1. Hokeyboy says:

      I’m terrified, bro. TERRIFED.

  6. Michael Perse says:

    Ancient Japanese proverb says “he who waits two hours for sushi has raw fish for brains!”

  7. LOL, that woman thinks she’s tough. Too bad he didn’t deck her.

  8. Rod Hardin says:

    Where they at the zoo?

  9. Daniel Stuntley says:

    Sushi sucks.

  10. Dan Purcell says:

    White self loathing California liberal racists are like that when it comes to their sushi.

  11. Glenn Dean Gallup says:

    If God meant me to wait two hours to eat I’d be a Russian.

  12. Christian Ackerley says:

    If you put too many rats in the same cage, they start attacking each other, especially when food becomes scarce [or, when it’s delivered late]. Sooner or later, the rats start eating each other. Welcome to California. Do me a favor, though. Don’t move to other states. You created the present mess by moving there. Don’t inflict your mess on others. Stay where you are, and clean up the mess. Learning how to live with others will do you all good.

  13. I remember a simpler time when a person could freak out in public without someone recording it.

  14. You know what’s the dumbest thing about this incident??…. Only idiots go out for Sushi on a Sunday. That Fish arrived there a minimum of 36 hours prior to that Restaurant opening it’s doors on Mother’s Day.

  15. Bob Robertson says:

    Hmm, okay, some guy has to wait too long to get some sushi, and so then out of nowhere and with absolutely no provocation he starts calling random black people n*****s. Yeah, it all makes perfect sense, and I’m sure there’s nothing more to the story. After all, we have 12 seconds of shaky and completely out of context video to support this story, so that proves it, right?

    On the one hand you have one race that gets called hateful for not being in a perpetual state of apology for things they didn’t do to people who’ve been dead for 100 years, and on the other hand you have a race that gets applause for answering verbal taunts with physical assaults.

    California, please stay within your own borders and don’t ruin the other states.

  16. The guy didn’t take it too far, that black nig woman did by committing actual battery violence. White people vent with words, black people vent with violence.

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