(CBS Local)–It’s been 25 years since Wu-Tang Clan introduced themselves to the world with their breakthrough album “Enter The Wu-Tang.”

Sacha Jenkins has known the guys since the 90s and created a new four part docu-series about the group called “Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics And Men.” The series looks back at the group’s rise and features never-before-seen footage and interviews with the guys.

“How is it that people in Poland or all over the world, connect with Wu-Tang,” said Jenkins in an interview with CBS Local. “I’m from Queens and Staten Island as a New Yorker is like a foreign place. I’d never been to Staten Island until Wu-Tang. Looking at far they’ve come and knowing where they’ve come from and me being a New Yorker and sometimes not understanding what the hell they’re talking about, how is it that so many people around the world connected with what they are saying? That is what was fascinating to me.”

Even though Jenkins has known the members of Wu-Tang Clan for decades, it still took some serious convincing to be given the opportunity to tell this incredible story.

“Myself and RZA share the same agent,” said Jenkins. My agent told me that RZA is interested in having his story told and asked me if I wanted to put my hat in the ring. I said sure. I flew out to LA for the day, expressly to meet RZA. I met with him and he said he was finally ready to tell this story. He said he was looking at a few different production companies and I told him that I’m going to do the real thing. There are things that I see that other people don’t.  It took about a week and a half and RZA told me recently he ran it by his wife. His wife said give it to that guy.”

The four part docu-series premieres May 10 at 9pm EST/PST on Showtime. Jenkins says Wu-Tang Clan still resonates with people today for a number of different reasons.

“They are a throwback. The original rap groups were multiple people in a group,” said Jenkins. “I would argue that Wu-Tang is the greatest rap group of all-time.”