COACHELLA (CBSLA) — A woman who allegedly threw a bag filled with puppies into a trash bin in Coachella has been arrested.

Riverside County Animal Services arrested Deborah Culwell, 54, who is suspected of dumping seven newborn puppies into a trash container last week, according to Commander Chris Mayer.

Culwell was arrested about 5:30 p.m. Monday at her home in Coachella. She faces up to seven counts of felony animal cruelty.

A woman is seen throwing seven three-day-old puppies into a dumpster in Coachella (credit: Riverside County Animal Services)

Investigators say the bag was sealed and cavalierly tossed into the bin, causing Animal Services to term the case one of “willful act of animal cruelty.”

The woman believed to be Culwell is shown getting out of a white Jeep, walking over to the bin and tossing the bag in a trash bin located outside an auto parts store in the 49000 block of Grapefruit Boulevard.

Details of the arrest were not immediately disclosed.

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  1. Dawn DeSimone says:

    Thank God!
    My Chihuahua Bella went missing on August 21, 2014 in Indio! I was detained by police as she jumped out the back window of my car. They said she ran towards the desert by the onramp of the 10 and Dillion road which was under construction at the time. Im still actively looking for her. She sings along to the song “One Fine Day’ by The Chiffon’s. I was hoping to spread the word maybe someone has her or knows someone who does! This is a video I made for her. Not to take attention away from these babies but I thought I’d share. You never know who knows who ya know?!
    Please Share

  2. Jan Lorraine Hoyle says:

    I hope the puppies are ok!

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