LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — In Los Angeles County alone, there are 41,000 transients living on the streets.

And for Rev. Andy Bales of the Union Rescue Mission, he says the homeless crisis has reached a breaking point.

“At this point, I’m very concerned about everyone in L.A. because we’ve really passed the tipping point of danger because we’ve left so many people for so many years to be devastated on the streets,” he said.

The Los Angeles Police Department recently released new body cam video that shows an interaction between police and a transient armed with a knife in downtown Los Angeles.

In the clip, officers are seen reasoning with the transient in an effort to get him to drop his knife. Moments before, a woman inside the café described how the man had threatened to slice her throat.

Police eventually had to fire half a dozen rounds of non-lethal force as the man used a chair to block the bullets.

They managed to then grab the knife and take the man into custody. He was treated for an injury to his hand.

Earlier this month, another man who was believed to be homeless was taken into custody after he randomly punched two people, including Jack Osborne, at a Studio City café.

“It’s ramping up,” said Bales, who explained the homeless and mental health issue in Los Angeles has reached a breaking point.

“We’ve left far too many people for far too long on the streets: 41,000 in Los Angeles County alone. The longer you leave people on the streets, the more dangerous to the folks you leave on the streets, but what we don’t realize is the more dangerous it is to everyone else,” Bales said, adding that he has been hoping for a change of heart in Los Angeles about the crisis.

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  1. Tom Smith says:

    When you have intellectual vagrants running the show this is what happens.

  2. Buddy Burke says:

    Well don’t just sit there liberals, ban something!!!

  3. The Great California Train left the station a long time ago and I’m glad I was on it.

  4. Mark Jones says:

    Gavin Newsom should be ashamed,
    Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed, human feces everywhere in California.

  5. Tom Smith says:

    The only thing out of control is the democratic led government of California.

  6. Jeff Stone says:

    What did the pastor mean by “we’ve left”??? No….those homeless animals abdicated responsibility for their own lives…yes, through misfortune but also through their own personal actions. I’ve seen these psychotic transients up close..here in SF…They need to be arrested, washed, cleaned and then sent to some institution.

  7. Joe Wong says:

    As a family who lives in Wisconsin, Both the East and West Coasts have become dangerous to visit. Hey California, you have ZERO clue how much tourist $$$ you lose every year.

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