LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — In Los Angeles County alone, there are 41,000 transients living on the streets.

And for Rev. Andy Bales of the Union Rescue Mission, he says the homeless crisis has reached a breaking point.

“At this point, I’m very concerned about everyone in L.A. because we’ve really passed the tipping point of danger because we’ve left so many people for so many years to be devastated on the streets,” he said.

The Los Angeles Police Department recently released new body cam video that shows an interaction between police and a transient armed with a knife in downtown Los Angeles.

In the clip, officers are seen reasoning with the transient in an effort to get him to drop his knife. Moments before, a woman inside the café described how the man had threatened to slice her throat.

Police eventually had to fire half a dozen rounds of non-lethal force as the man used a chair to block the bullets.

They managed to then grab the knife and take the man into custody. He was treated for an injury to his hand.

Earlier this month, another man who was believed to be homeless was taken into custody after he randomly punched two people, including Jack Osborne, at a Studio City café.

“It’s ramping up,” said Bales, who explained the homeless and mental health issue in Los Angeles has reached a breaking point.

“We’ve left far too many people for far too long on the streets: 41,000 in Los Angeles County alone. The longer you leave people on the streets, the more dangerous to the folks you leave on the streets, but what we don’t realize is the more dangerous it is to everyone else,” Bales said, adding that he has been hoping for a change of heart in Los Angeles about the crisis.

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  1. Mixed emotions. But it certainly is a blight that is only going to get worse as the left keeps incentivizing the vagrant class. Of course, the theft and damage they do is a nuisance. It used to be a crime before prop 47. But since California has made theft legal, there isn’t much you can do about the missing bike or less then 950 tool. You lose. One thing I noticed in Moscow, Russia was how clean everything was. No campers, no trash, no urine smell anywhere. Even the train right of ways had almost no graffiti and no trash at all. We look like Mexico city on trash day (every day is trash day). The vagrants are incentivized by people like the reverend in the story and by the government. If you feed them, they will come. If you house them they won’t stay housed. They can steal their cake and you can’t do a damn thing about it. Most are free spirits who would do well to move along or be put to work harvesting stuff or picking up trash. The law should not incentivize vagrancy public nuisance, and theft. But that is Los Angeles.

    1. Rebecca Graf says:

      How did Moscow do that?

      1. Terry Carlino says:

        I would imagine they don’t allow homeless to stay on the street and they punish graffiti artists. During Soviet times, not necessarily a model to be followed, one needed a special permit to live (or be present) within the Moscow city limits.
        In previous times in the U.S. homeless were not a problem in cities because they were told to move along or in the old cliche the sheriff would tell them to be on the other side of the county line by sundown. Harsh, but it prevented problems.

    2. Tk Stoke says:

      If CA. spent the BILLIONS of dollars it spends on ILLEGALS on US citizens your streets might be clean and these US citizens who need help might have a place to stay.

  2. David Olson says:

    Let’s recap: The city advertises all sorts of services and freebies for the homeless. Word gets out and the homeless start showing up from everywhere, even the east coast. A homeless crisis happens. Who else knew this was going to happen? Certainly not the city “leaders” with their knee-jerk, feel good reactions. Why don’t you put the homeless to work fixing the pot holes?

  3. Jeanne Prokop King says:

    This should come as no surprise
    When you promote lawlessness,
    The lawless will flourish!

  4. Larry Waltz says:

    Need to pass a law that forces citizens to open their homes for one week a year to help with this problem.

    1. Ray Carpenter says:

      Great idea Larry! Follow that up and be the first and set an example by opening your home to vagrants for a week. Once we see how that works out, we will run to the polling booths and vote for a law that will criminalize our neighbors who fail to follow your shinning example.

  5. Michael Asa says:

    Think it’s bad now? Wait until President Trump send a couple hundred thousand illegals there for “sanctuary.”

  6. Such hypocrites. This is ALL in response to the potential to get EXACTLY what you asked for. Allowing illegals into the USA…. you are ALL for it UNLESS its in YOUR city.
    So shamelessly obvious. Where is your compassion(that you claim DJT doesn’t have) NOW?
    Such shady moves… you truly are FAKE NEWS CBS, Californians, democrats….shameless hypocrites.

  7. Can we please have a wall between Oregon and California?

    1. David Alster says:

      Too late!

  8. Well if it wasn’t for the Dems inviting in all those illegals, and giving them lots of goodies to stay, there would be lower rents , and thus more people being able to afford housing. Also, how many of the homeless are illegals who come into LA to be safe. I hope the city enjoys about 10k more refugees/sarc to crowd their streets.

  9. Bob Suyak says:

    Way to go dems/libs who run CA. What a marvelous job you are doing running the state.

    1. Michael Bellerdine says:

      You forgot to add “…into the ground!”

  10. James McGachey says:

    Keep voting Democrat. I see that working out great for LA.

  11. Rex Larson says:

    Homelessness in LA is a joke but not a very funny one unfortunately. Failed leadership from Garcetti and the City Council are to blame in large part. Democrats continue to destroy LA giving more rights and perks to homeless people, illegals, and other unsavory people not caring what happens to the city.

  12. illinoisatlarge says:

    After what Governor Newsom did in San Francisco, you can only expect the predicament to get worse throughout California.

  13. Paul Roberts says:

    Let all of the thousands / millions if illegals go to California and any sanctuary cities. Stop all Federal aid to those States that allow it.

  14. Dan Stirling says:

    Keep in mind that US homeless population has fallen steadily, from about 650k in 2007 to 550k now. Of course zero is the goal, but my point is that the reduced population is gravitating toward the places which support them, creating an even greater burden on certain areas like Los Angeles.

  15. This is the result of years of Republican control. If the Democrats were in control we wouldn’t have this mess. Oh, wait.

    1. David Thomas says:

      Sarcasm noted.

  16. Dan Purcell says:

    Isn’t LA a sanctuary city…maybe Trump should bus in more illegals, the Left always say they make better Americans and cities richer.

  17. Chauncey Hall says:

    Just wait..you are going to be getting 100,000 more per month.

  18. Hal Slusher says:

    I am going with self inflicted and because we have no borders even more will show up with hands out and no shelter.

  19. Mark Smith says:

    One reason LA is such a shi* hole is because we closed almost all the mental hospital and “freed” the inmates to fend for themselves. In addition, LA tolerates all this BS.

  20. Bruce Ford says:

    Several municipalities have had citizens with the same idea: create safe space camps where homeless can erect their tents and keep their stuff. Give them access to medical and dental there as well as showers, toilets and distribution point for donated clothes and hygiene supplies. Offer counseling and transportation to services. Sure it is a camp but they would be safer and we would too. When do thir rights infringe on those who are impacted by their feces, urine, littering and discarded drug needles???

    This idea is always voted down by those who call these internment camps but I state when did internment offer these types of services to assist those and help them help themselves?

  21. Edward Such says:

    In 1959 I lived in San Diego due to my husband’s navy deployment. It was absolutely beautiful, the weather, Silver Strand beach, Point Loma, Disneyland etc. I cried when we left. Years later he was stationed in Vallejo, California. We loved California, we made it our home when he retired. Unfortunately we could not leave fast enough in 1984 as we saw the state changing to what it is today. Racial problems, drug problems, gang problems, homeless problems and discrimination begin to spread like cancer, Our home was broken into 3 times, we had to invest in a security system. We were 60 years old when we decided we did not want to live in this environment the rest of our lives. It is sad to see what is becoming of our country because of this ” give me give me, take, take” attitude. Yes, I am a child of the depression, I learned to work and appreciate what I could afford. The people who detest and envy the rich you can
    ” bet” buy lottery tickets to become one.

  22. Alberto Perez says:

    Visitors to National Parks are denied entry during non-operating hours and the offseason. We have public buildings, facilities and parks that establish operating hours, limit access and establish conditions of use. So why are vagrants and n’er-do-wells allowed to occupy public spaces around LA anytime of day or night without conditions and without punishment? Skid row is not private property. It is publicly owned space that the gov’t has a responsibility to police and monitor just like it does any other public space. If LA can’t handle this basic responsibility then the space should not be part of the public domain. Turn it over to private property owners and let them manage the space.

  23. The crisis is a result of a long slide towards tolerating and normalizing homelessness. Some certainly have mental illness issues, and need to be taken off the streets, but I suspect many could get off their butts and work if they had to.

  24. Joe Swartz says:

    You reap what you sow.

  25. Degé Rosillier Coutee says:

    It’s actually closer to 120,000 street homeless cases in LA. The Los Angeles govt. handles this social issue like a political issue and therefore, their efforts fail and will always fail under this strategy. I have in depth professional experience working with the homeless, directed an agency, was the Education Director for my area Homelessness Prevention Network, successfully served over 10,000 cases of at-risk families myself as a case manager, and managed 136 units of non-profit, affordable Section 8, Section 42 housing units. After all the years of working with all area agencies, local and state govts., the grants, the MOU’s, etc,…. LA is doing this wrong! It appears intentional when the govt. clearly treats vulnerable people like their political pawns.

  26. Arnet Ramming says:

    I think bringing in illegals would help clean up the mess that the local homeless have made. Even the poorest Latinos will take care of, and clean up the areas that they inhabit.

  27. David Bork Patterson says:

    California has been turned into a giant toilet.North America is about to flush it’s toilet.

  28. Maybe its time to declare a City State of Emergency, round up and physically intern the homeless at fenced in POW style camps. At the camps, clean them up, feed them, provide the necessary medical attention and medication. Even if you have to confine these folks against their will for a time its worth it. Time to be concerned about the constitutional rights of everyday LA folks who live, work and pay the taxes in the city.

  29. Mustafa Sensayuma says:

    The failure of Democrat government reeks like one of these street vagrants.

  30. Anthony Hynes says:

    How’s that sanctuary city stuff working out for you?

  31. Charlie Harper says:

    People will do this kind of stuff if you let them. As long as it is tolerated, it will never end. In previous times, the cops made them leave.

  32. Mike France says:

    Well, we ourselves are to blame. We elected our city and county government. We deserve what we get.

  33. Handy Andy says:

    And the good news is our governor is in El Salvador working with them on how to help with their economic and poverty issues. I have no sympathy for my fellow Californians we deserve every thing we get.

  34. THIS is what DEMOCRACY looks like! These people who think they know what’s good for the nation & who want to oppose their insanity upon the nation, can’t even take care of their own disposable citizens (homeless). Maybe we should extend abortion to allow for the abortion of people up to age 100, then we can simply “abort” these people, who obviously mean nothing to Democrat Californians, who do nothing to help them?!

  35. Amazing how none of the comments take even a moment to dwell on the sad fate of over 40,000 people who live on the streets. Dirty, sick, mentally unwell – many of them old and helpless. But, instead of compassion the comments are borderline Nazi. It’s a small step from some of the stuff posted above to plain out killing homeless people, or putting them into concentration camps. Just goes to show how selfish, self-righteous, and blind have Americans become over the years. Disgusting.

    1. Bill Place says:

      What is your plan to remediate this situation?

    2. Eric Liscom says:

      Are you a liberal or just an incompetent moron? Have you ever dealt with these people?
      I have. Doing things the liberal idiot way doesn’t work….
      The solution is pretty simple, but also a bit painful….
      The mentally ill should be institutionalized, it’s the only way they can really be helped…
      Those who can work should be required to work for the benefits they recieve…I e: medical care, food, etc…no work no free stuff…
      If they won’t obey the rules and work, then run them out…if they starve too bad…
      I have dealt with “homeless”… They are largely drug addicts, criminals and plain old bums…those who truly need help and will accept it are a distinct minority….the majority are there only for the handouts, they won’t quit the drugs…even with help….the more you give the more they take…
      These are the ones who destroy, just because they feel like it….they are like a cancer, feed them and they only grow worse….
      They are quite literally, the outcome of years of Democrat handouts and lies…and if we keep electing those Democrats, the whole country will become like this….it’s not Nazi thinking or action…it’s common sense…
      Stop being a fool and wake up to reality!

  36. Ethan Wayne says:

    Just hire illegals to clean the homeless guys tents and pick up their garbage and poop. You know, like the rich people do. Problem solved!

  37. So you want to replace blacks with Hispanics, you abort all the babies you can, then force them onto the streets.

    This is your final solution?

  38. Mark Landsbaum says:

    California is toast.

  39. Gene Tillock says:

    The bible has some good answers but we won’t go there it might offend someone like druggies. Freeloaders hollywoodyallenvillbillies o h yes lgbtrainers if you know what I mean and so on it sorta like that Cheryl holy crow song sing along this is llll aaaaaaa. All we whina do do is have some fun until it’s too late

  40. This is an addiction problem not a homeless problem. Los Angeles and the media can’t even name the problem correctly much less solve the problem. Trump is right on everything so far. What fools in Los Angeles and the media.

  41. Tom Smith says:

    When you have intellectual vagrants running the show this is what happens.

  42. Buddy Burke says:

    Well don’t just sit there liberals, ban something!!!

  43. The Great California Train left the station a long time ago and I’m glad I was on it.

  44. Mark Jones says:

    Gavin Newsom should be ashamed,
    Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed, human feces everywhere in California.

  45. Tom Smith says:

    The only thing out of control is the democratic led government of California.

  46. Jeff Stone says:

    What did the pastor mean by “we’ve left”??? No….those homeless animals abdicated responsibility for their own lives…yes, through misfortune but also through their own personal actions. I’ve seen these psychotic transients up close..here in SF…They need to be arrested, washed, cleaned and then sent to some institution.

  47. Joe Wong says:

    As a family who lives in Wisconsin, Both the East and West Coasts have become dangerous to visit. Hey California, you have ZERO clue how much tourist $$$ you lose every year.