FULLERTON (CBSLA) — They rappelled into a Fullerton jewelry store, came prepared with a blow torch to break into the safe, and even though they had to abandon it outside, they still got away with thousands of dollars in jewelry and watches.

After the owner of Country Club Jewelers walked into his shop earlier this week and found a large, gaping hole in his ceiling.

The thieves went to great lengths to eventually take about $60,000 in watches and jewelry, but they were forced to abandon the store’s massive safe. The owner believes the thieves scouted the store and shut down his electricity hours before the heist.

“They planned it very, very well,” owner Joseph Tokatli said.

The thieves apparently broke into the store through the roof and used ropes to rappel down. Marks left on a massive safe indicates they used a blow torch and a hammer to try to break in, but when that didn’t work, they dragged it outside.

Eventually they gave up on the safe and left it behind.

Police are still looking for at least two suspects.


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