WASHINGTON (CBSLA) — Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, released the following statement Friday about the Mueller investigation being concluded:

“Today, the Attorney General has informed Congress and the public that the Special Counsel has concluded his investigation and submitted a report of his findings. That report needs to be released to the public.

Pursuant to the Special Counsel regulations, Mueller’s report is likely to focus on his prosecutorial decisions and may not shed necessary light on counterintelligence findings of profound significance to our committee and the nation — whether the President or others around him have been compromised by a foreign power.

The Mueller investigation, like our own probe, began as a counterintelligence inquiry into whether individuals associated with the Trump campaign were compromised by a hostile foreign nation. By law, the evidence he has uncovered on all counterintelligence matters must now be shared with the House Intelligence Committee, whether it resulted in indictment or not.

We will insist that the Justice Department meet its statutory obligations and be transparent with our Committee and the public. Anything less would be negligent in the service of our national security.”

  1. Kent Price says:

    Pencil Neck Schiff was obviously neglected as a child and needs attention. Hell, he may even have Presidential aspirations in 2020. Ignore his “grandstanding” mouthings. Hot air quickly cools.

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