LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – People in downtown Los Angeles saw what appeared to be a flaming fireball burning through the sky Wednesday night.

What looked to be a meteor were actually Red Bull Air Force wingsuit flyers.

The Red Bull Air Force is a team made up of some of the world’s┬ámost accomplished and experienced skydivers.

Viewers took to Twitter to share videos of the unidentified object whizzing by buildings.

A closer video showed the base jumpers in their wingsuits flying by, leaving a trail of sparks.

LAPD reported in a tweet that the stunt was part of a film shoot.

Red Bull confirmed with CBSLA that it was in fact a stunt by the Red Bull Air Force to celebrate the third and final last supermoon of 2019.

The professional athletes jumped from a helicopter 4,000 feet Los Angeles and entered downtown at more than 120 MPH.

The custom suits were equiped with LED lights and pyrotechnic sparks, making the flyer look like a shooting star passing the supermoon as it rose.

The jump marked the first-ever wingsuit jump into downtown Los Angeles.

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