PASADENA (CBSLA) — A 400-year-old oak tree in Pasadena has seen better days.

Homeowner Betty Lujon says the centuries-old oak tree had been coming down gradually, until it finally touched down in her backyard last week.

To her surprise, the tree remained rooted and alive and she intends on keeping it that way.

After more than four centuries, this oak tree has seen better days. (credit: CBS)

“I would never kill it,” Lujon told CBS2. “In a million years, I wouldn’t let it die. The roots are all there.  I think, and they think too, the arborist says it will live and do alright.”

According to the 82-year-old Lujon, the oak tree has provided shade and joy for parties and weddings for nearly 50 years, and she wants to save it for future generations to enjoy.

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  1. bebeauty12 says:

    Is this tree situated in your yard?!!

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