VAN NUYS (CBSLA) — As the noise at Van Nuys Airports from departing private jets has increased, so have complaints to the Los Angeles City Council.

The City Council transportation committee voted to ask the FAA to conduct a noise study at the airport after a significant increase in complaints from the community.

For some residents like Leslie Contreras who have lived for a long time near the airport, which mostly serves private jets, the noise is a way of life.

“It is every day, it is all day,” she said. But not everyone gets used to it, she admits.

“There’s a lot of people that have been complaining, but, like I said, me personally, it doesn’t affect me ’cause I got used to it,” she said.

Several people registered their complaints at the transportation committee meeting Wednesday.

“I can no longer work from home. I can’t take phone calls from home. I can’t even work on a difficult proposal from home because of the noise,” one of the speakers told the committee.

The location of where planes can turn around after takeoff is part of the increasingly noisy problem. The change placed jets over Encino, Sherman Oaks and Studio City, which is where the new complaints have come from.

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  1. Linda Fiorelli says:

    we have this exact same problem in Laguna Niguel. we are 25 miles away from the John Wayne airport (KSNA) but are now suffering loud commercial jets departing ksna and making a quick left to roar south down the coast, and turning over my neighborhood as low as 6k’. it is all day, everyday and into the night. the FAA never did a ER, and did not disclose the quick left/early turn on departure of KSNA airspace! the FAA did not examine the potential impact to those of us they re-routed commercial and private jet flight paths to go directly over our heads!
    PLEASE, help my community with you power as a new agency!

  2. Jeanne Jones-Porro says:

    South Orange County residents are suffering greatly from the jet noise affect caused by the FAA’s “NextGen” change of flight paths. Highly affected cities include Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, and San Juan Capistrano. Jets are now roaring over residential areas, parks, and schools at low altitudes. Please take a look at: for details.
    Jeanne Jones-Porro, Laguna Niguel

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