WESTCHESTER (CBSLA) — Someone with a BB gun in Westchester has been very busy. Nearly a hundred cars had their window shot out.

Police say the suspects have been firing away at either passing cars, cars that are standing still or cars that are parked.

“The window was gone and that was it,” said Edward Chanel, whose car window was shot out Sunday night.

Someone was shooting from a dark-colored sedan.

The LAPD says there are now close to 90 victims. It began on Feb. 8 and has continued for the past two weekends. There were 21 windows shot out just last Sunday alone between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m.

The very wide area of Westchester where the shootings have taken place goes from Bluff Creek Drive in the north, Manchester Avenue in the south, Pershing Drive on the west and Sepulveda Boulevard on the east.

“I think it’s just random vandalism that’s very expensive. That’s about $40,000 in property damage,” said LAPD Capt. James Setzer.

Police and victims have no idea who is doing it. The shootings happen in a flash. Many times they don’t even know what hit them.

Police say no one has been injured.

“When you are seeing this many windows shot out they really need to take a look at it,” said Chanel.

“We’ve got a lot of units working that area — plainclothes and uniformed personnel and we’re doing everything we can,” said Setzer.

Police are asking for the public’s help in finding the BB gun suspects.

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  1. E Scott Channell says:

    What’s pesky is that this rash of pellet-gun shootings is on top of what seems to be a noteworthy increase in crime in the area (vs. massive vandalism)….. primarily auto and house break-in / entry. The police do not seem to be taking such crime seriously primarily, I suspect, because the courts no longer take such crime seriously.

  2. Eduard Lutkov says:

    I suspect somebody angry because of he does not have a parking place. After the accident victims and others can change their parking places.

  3. Carolyn Moore says:

    The city of Inglewood was also vandalized. Approximately 15 cars on my street alone. Channel 9, didn’t seem to report that!

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