LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Storm after storm has dumped 18 trillion gallons of water on California in February alone.

According to the National Weather Service Bay Area, 18 trillion gallons of water has fallen on the Golden State, enough to fill 27 million Olympic-size swimming pools, or equal to 45 percent of the total volume of Lake Tahoe.

The revolving door of storms has wreaked havoc on Southern California, causing freeway flooding, mud and debris flows and severely damaging canyon roads throughout the region.

While February has seen a prodigious amount of rain, much of California is still considered to be “abnormally dry” by the U.S. Drought Monitor.

With the exception of light rain forecast for Thursday, the rest of the month is expected to stay dry.

  1. James Kringel says:

    Looks as though we need politicians who care about our state, since water has been flowing freely straight to the ocean for too many years already and no real plans to simply catch some of it along the LA River? Why are we still in a draught?

    NOTE: We even have (5) pump stations in Long Beach where water is pumped back into the ocean during the rain. Yes Really!! When more than (1) fails then Long Beach gets flooded.