WESTCHESTER (CBSLA) – With parking at Los Angeles International Airport getting more expensive, travelers are venturing into nearby areas to find a free place to park, turning neighborhoods into parking lots.

That’s not sitting well with homeowners, who are fed up and fighting back.

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“[Westchester is] pretty close. Two miles maybe,” said resident Erin Chavez.

The proximity makes it convenient for travelers who live there – and for those who don’t. Neighbors say many travelers who park there use ridesharing services like Uber.

“Actually, since Uber has been bigger it’s become more of a problem because it’s more convenient for them to park here and just Uber to the airport,” said homeowner John Edney. “It’s a $7 Uber trip versus who knows how much it is to park at the airport.”

Rates range from $5.95 per day to $17 per day to park at or near LAX. Total parking costs for a five -day trip would range from $29.75 to $85.

But it doesn’t cost a dime to park in Westchester for five days – or longer.

“It’s annoying, very annoying. My husband will come home from work and he’ll have to park around the block,” Chavez said.

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Unfamiliar cars take up parking places up and down the block for even a week or longer.

Some residents have been forced to call parking enforcement.

“If they’ve been here for 72 hours, then you can call. They’ll take usually about 72 hours to come out,” Edney said.

That would mean it could be six days before a car even gets tagged.

“But by then, people are back from their trip,” Chavez said.

Meaning they get off scot-free with their free parking plan.

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Some would like to see parking permits for residents or a two-hour parking limit for non-residents.