LEBEC (CBSLA)  — The rain, the snow, the familiar refrain.

Motorists along the Grapevine have gotten rather used to miserable driving conditions and long delays.

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As KCAL9’s Jeff Nguyen reports, Friday evening — bracing for more storms this evening and this weekend — is no different.

Tonight, drivers on Interstate 5 faced scattered showers.

It was considered by many to be a bit of a preamble to what’s expected to be a cold weekend – that will include lots of snow – along the Grapevine.

Chris Wiklund says she keeps a pair of gloves in her purse because she lives in the town of Lebec.

“You get used to living up here and you just carry chains and you always have to be prepared,” Wiklund says.

With snow in the forecast, she made sure to get off the road early to hit the gas station before going home.

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“When I drove over here I was thinking how much can I put in my tank and it’s always good to have a full tank whether its summer or winter up here,” she says.

At a truck stop, a number of big rig drivers pulled over for the night as the temperature dipped to close to the freezing point.

Nguyen also spoke to a group of friends from the Bay Area who said their drive to LA is much longer than usual because of all of the rain along the way.

“We’ve been sitting in the car for a while. It wasn’t too bad. Once we got out here – big gust of wind — and it was like really chilly,” said Calvin Li.

During the drive, the friends got text messages and calls from concerned friends who’ve been keeping an eye on the forecast.

“I have a friend – he was pretty worried about us. He was like oh dude make sure when you’re around Frazier Park, it might snow,” says Nick Hu.

Some bits of advice from someone who know the roads here well.

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“If somebody offers to help you put your chains on, maybe take them up on it. And be slow, don’t be in a hurry,” says Wiklund.