WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) — An assault and gunshots outside the Westlake Recording Studios rattled a West Hollywood neighborhood Tuesday.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department says it all began just after 3 p.m. in an alley behind the studio on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Three men were confronted by three male suspects who demanded their money and jewelry. The suspects then physically assaulted the victims before getting into a car and driving off.

“It’s terrifying this happened in the middle of the afternoon,” said West Hollywood resident Tamara Madjerian.

Investigators did not identify the victims, but TMZ reports the victims were rapper Rich the Kid and two members of his entourage. Hours before the attack, the rapper posted a picture of himself in front of a Lamborghini with stacks of cash.

TMZ also reported singer Usher was inside the recording studio when the robbery happened behind the building but there is no confirmation on that.

Investigators say right after the suspects drove off in an unknown car there was a shooting not far from the alley along Santa Monica Boulevard.

Abraham Hanoun says it started when he saw a man running towards the street from the alley.

“He looked in a state of panic. He looked anxious. A silver car pulls up, stops in front of the gallery, then the guy turns around, pulls out a pistol from his waist and starts aiming it at the car. Nine bullets into one car. Literally 15 feet from each other,” said Hanoun.

At first, deputies thought the shooter had gone into the art gallery.

Turned out, he wasn’t inside. So right now, the search is on for the shooter and the people in the car he shot at. Investigators are looking into whether the shooting and the robbery and assault minutes before are connected.

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