LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Even though the rain is finally gone, the slew of storms which hit Los Angeles over the past few weeks have exposed a new problem: potholes.

The L.A. Department of Public Works told CBS2 Wednesday that since the storms, it has received about four times the number of reports of potholes from the public than it normally does.

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Feb. 6, 2019. (CBS2)

“We’ve been getting about 200 pothole requests per day, instead of the 50 per day that we typically get when in non-storm period,” said Greg Spotts, assistant director for the L.A. Bureau of Street Services.

Several tire shops told CBS2 that they have been seeing a spike in customers showing up with tire damage. Spotts said storms do in fact create more potholes.

“Sometimes there’s cracks or small openings in the road, and the water gets in there and then disturbs the base underneath the riding surface,” he said.

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Public works crews are working to fix the asphalt divots as fast as possible.

“We have a goal of filling potholes within three working days,” Spotts explained.

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One of the tools that has made reporting potholes easier is the MyLA311 mobile app, which allows anyone to quickly report an issue, such as a pothole or graffiti, to the city. Crews have access to those reports via iPads they use in the field.

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A report released in August 2018 by the nonprofit transportation group TRIP found that drivers in the L.A. metro area spend almost $3,000 a year in extra costs such as car repairs and wasted fuel because the combination of congestion and deteriorating roads and bridges.