ATLANTA (CBSLA) — Virtual reality is taking football fans for a ride at the Super Bowl Experience fan expo.

The Los Angeles Rams home stadium is still under construction in Inglewood, but fans eager for a sneak peek can take a virtual tour of it a year before it’s set to open.

Rams Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff talked CBS 2 anchor Suzanne Marques through the virtual tour.

“You’re at my favorite of the stadium right now, we’re at level 8 Champions Plaza,” Demoff said. “And if you look off to your right and walk around, you could do it, you can see the ocean, turn around and look to your right, you’ll be able to see Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach, the South Bay.”

The tour of the future stadium isn’t the only virtual reality experience available to football fans. CBS Sports’ Virtual Skydiving Experience gives fans a chance to skydive into the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The exhibit drew long lines of fans at the Super Bowl Experience.

Before donning the VR headset, people strap in to a simulator. The experience starts in a plane over Atlanta, and the viewer jumps into the stadium as the Super Bowl crowd cheers before handing a football to the virtual referee.

“That made me feel like a little kid, and I’m dying to see the Super Bowl now,” Marques says at the end of the experience.

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