(CBSLA) — Los Angeles Rams legend, actor and radio host Fred Dryer stopped by CBSLA Tuesday to give us his Super Bowl LIII predictions – and they weren’t very encouraging, at least for Rams fans.

“I have a feeling the Patriots will probably win,” said Dryer, who starred in TV’s “Hunter” and holds the NFL record for most safeties in a game. “These games come down to who makes mistakes, who capitalizes and who makes great place.”

Former Rams DE Fred Dryer is still the only NFL player to have two safeties in the same game. (credit: CBS)

Considering Rams QB Jared Goff was only seven years old when Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl in 2002, Dryer says the Pats hold a distinctive edge when it comes to experience.

“When you handicap these things, the only thing you hang your hat on is when all the factors come in and it comes down to the human element,” he said. “Someone makes a great play, someone in the clutch comes through.

But if you’re going to bet on these two teams, which people do, my money would be on the Patriots,” Dryer added.

The former Rams defensive end predicted a 29-26 Pats victory over his former team.


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