CYPRESS PARK (CBSLA) — Authorities say two drivers destroyed 11 parked cars early Saturday in two unrelated crashes — one in Cypress Park and one in South LA.

A suspected drunk driver left a trail of destruction in Cypress Park early Saturday morning after slamming into seven parked vehicles.

Many of the vehicles weren’t recognizable as cars.

The driver was heading north on Cypress Ave. around 1 a.m. when he lost control of the vehicle, according to authorities.

The driver remained on the scene to speak to police. He was arrested for suspected DUI.

Neighbors say similar incidents have happened before, with many drivers frequently speeding on the roadway despite its 30 mph speed limit.

“This has happened very often and it has to stop,” Mike Lowry said. “We don’t have to be that irresponsible.”

A woman whose car was destroyed didn’t want to talk on camera. But she lamented her Nissan — now all crumpled — nonetheless.

“My car?,” she says, “all messed up. It looks like it was made out of paper.”

She said it wasn’t the first time her car got hit by another vehicle and neighbors told Benedict the accident was the second this week involving a speeding car that hit parked cars.

In South LA — where four more cars were destroyed — Tony Speed woke up to the unmistakable sounds of a car crash.

Two of his cars were damaged.

“Like a big old boom!,” Speed said.

He said it was the fourth time a driver has plowed into parked cars on his street.

Police said a car came barreling down 56th Street when the female driver lost control and slammed into seven parked cars.

Police told Speed they smelled alcohol on the driver’s breath.

No one has been charged with a crime in this incident.

No injuries were reported.


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