LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A Change.org petition demanding that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell issue a rematch of the NFC title game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints — following the controversial missed pass interference call — has garnered hundreds of thousands of signatures.

The petition, posted by Saints fan Terry Cassreino, asks that the NFL replay the game next Sunday, Jan. 27.

Tommylee Lewis of the Saints drops a pass broken up by Nickell Robey-Coleman of the Rams during the fourth quarter in the NFC Championship game at the Superdome on Jan. 20, 2019, in New Orleans. (Getty Images)

“Due to refs’ inability to properly officiate at the game, we the undersigned want a re-match against L.A. on Sunday, Jan. 27,” Cassreino wrote. “It’s the only fair solution to this travesty of epic proportions.”

It has received more than 628,000 signatures as of early Tuesday afternoon.

With the game tied at 20, the Saints were driving deep into Rams territory with under two minutes to play. On 3rd and 10 and with 1:48 to play, Rams cornerback Nickel Robey-Coleman crushed Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis with a helmet-to-helmet hit on a throw from Drew Brees while the ball was in the air. The ball fell incomplete and the referees declined to call pass interference, forcing the Saints to kick a field goal.

Following the game, Robey-Coleman himself admitted that he had committed a blatant pass interference penalty.

“Came to the sideline, looked at the football gods and was like, ‘Thank you,’” Robey-Coleman said. “I got away with one tonight.”

If pass interference had been called, the Saints would have received a new set of downs, allowing them to simply run down the clock and kick the game-winning field goal.

The Rams tied the game on a field goal of their own in regulation, then won 26-23 with a 57-yard field goal in overtime to book their ticket to the Super Bowl.

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  1. Only fair thing to do. Start at the point of the missed call & let the rightful winners play the Pats in the SB!

  2. David Bergeron says:

    Integrity of the game! What a shame…. The NFL likes you to believe it was a one call accident. When it’s 10 or more blown calls. New Orleans was robbed not a accident!


    Committed by Saints:
    2nd qtr 2:07, Delay of game Brees

    2nd qtr 0:30 Face mask by #26 PJ Williams (on Cooks)

    Committed by RAMS:
    1st qtr 10:08, pass interference no call by RAMS #26 Mark Barron pass intended for #85 Arnold.

    1st qtr 7:50, pass interference no call by RAMS #23 Robey Coleman pass intended for #10 Treyqan Smith

    1st qtr 5:26, Helmet to Helmet no call by RAMS #58 Corey Littleton committed on #89 Josh Hill

    2nd qtr 6:16, Holding no call by RAMS #79 Rob Havenstein

    2nd qtr 1:02 Holding no call by RAMS #30 Todd Gurley, held #25 Eli Apple on Blitz

    Missed Calls 2nd HALF

    3rd qtr 14:19, Holding by RAMS #76 Roger Saffold, holding #93 Onyemata.

    3rd 11:57, Helmet to Helmet by RAMS #58 Littleton on #41 Kamara.

    4th qtr 15:00, Holding committed by RAMS #23 Robey-Coleman for pass intended for #19 Ted Ginn Jr.

    4th qtr 15:00, Pass interference committed by RAMS #23 Robey-Coleman for pass intended for #19 Ted Ginn Jr. (Committed on same play as above)

    4th 9:42, Delay of Game by RAMS #16 Goff, TO granted instead.

    4th 1:49, 3rd&10 Pass Interference by RAMS #23 Robey-Coleman pass intended for #11 Lewis

    4th 1:49, 3rd&10 Helmet to Helmet by RAMS #23 Robey-Coleman pass intended for #11 Lewis (committed on same play as above)

    OT #56 Rams Fowler Hands to the face, facemask, roughing the passer on #9 Brees INT blown no call

    3rd qtr 8:41, Delay of game by SAINTS #7 Taysom Hill.

  3. The NFL “says” they are interested in player safety, yet a blatant egregious helmet to helmet hit in front of the entire sports world is not called. Coincidence huh? Well, compare the brushing of Tom Brady’s facemask by Chris Jones of the Chiefs that was called roughing the passer to the complete mugging to Drew Brees face and helmet when he threw the interception in OT. They are not even close. The hit to Drew was an obvious roughing the passer and has been called all year, but not 1/20/19 on Sunday in the NFC Championship game. Sports books are giving people money back who bet on the Saints. This is unprecedented, and it calls for unprecedented action.