SANTA ANA (CBSLA) – A security camera captured a man sexually assaulting a woman waiting at a bus stop in Santa Ana.

The violent attack was captured by an Orange County Transportation Authority bus camera Saturday night in the busy South Coast Metro area.

The suspect was last seen wearing a Dallas Cowboys #82 jersey.

“It’s so sick that people think they can come here and do that,” Dal Priego said.

Women just hearing of the attack were terrified and angry that they now have to be on the lookout for a violent predator.

“Do you really just want to live your life just walking and wondering, oh like, ‘Maybe that guy next to me is gonna do something.’ No, no one wants to live in paranoia,” Kimberly Lomeli said.

“That’s terrible, honestly. The fact that someone would even do that in the first place, it’s sickening,” Alcena Garcia said.

Police say the victim in her 50s was sitting on a covered bench at the bus stop when the suspect attacked her. The man then took off as the bus approached.

“The public has a right to know and a need to know. This individual was violent and we want to get him into custody,” said Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna.

Police are investigating whether the suspect is connected to other unsolved violent sexual assaults, like one involving a teenage girl who was attacked as she sat on a Santa Ana park bench in November.

“People don’t just start out by doing random violent acts, so our fear is that this could happen again,” Cpl. Bertagna said.



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