MORENO VALLEY (CBSLA) – Teenage girls were caught on camera hurling heavy objects at McDonald’s employees in Moreno Valley after being asked to leave the children’s play area – causing thousand dollars worth of damage, according to police.

“I was about to get hit in the head. They were throwing them pretty high too, like they had no aim,” said employee Dexter Forbes Jr.

Forbes claimed they broke a monitor during a fight that quickly escalated.

“Telling me to get up and fight them, and I said I’m not gonna fight you,” a 28-year-old mother, who didn’t want to be identified, said. “I mean, you saw what they did to the older man.”

The woman said she asked the teens to leave the kids clubhouse where her 2- and 5-year-old daughters were playing.

The woman said when she refused to fight the minors, “they came and they threw cups of water and ice at us”.

Her father then chased the group outside and held onto one of the girls while he called the cops. At that point, the victim said she ran out and told him to let the girl go.

“They were punching me the whole time,” she said.

This was the second time she said she asked the manager for help before a man in a black sweater stepped in between and got them behind the counter.

“He was doing way more work than my manager was. He was making sure they were okay, he walked to the back with them,” Forbes said.

The manager called the cops, who Forbes said kept the manager on the phone for an extended period.

After he posted several videos to social media, he was allegedly suspended and later fired.

“I feel like it could have been prevented,” the victim said.

A manager at the McDonald’s said he couldn’t talk about the incident, and referred KCAL9’s Nicole Comstock to another manager, who did not immediately respond.

McDonald’s released the following statement to CBSLA Tuesday night:

“The safety and security of our guests and their families are a top priority. We have been in contact with the local law enforcement and are fully cooperating with their investigation.” – Thomas Mangione, Moreno Valley McDonald’s Owner-Operator

One mother is hoping someone will recognize the girls in the video, which was viewed on Facebook over 56,000 times.

A YouTube video appears to show the fight, with several people throwing objects.

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  1. Rebecca Berry Kisler says:

    i have no idea what happened in this story bc is the most poorly written piece I’ve ever read!

    1. Jerry Atrick says:

      Absolutely. Who was the victim? Who got fired? Who was the older man? Who got whom behind the counter? … I feel like I lost knowledge by reading this article.

      1. William Ingram says:

        What is a ppl?

  2. Michael Thomas says:

    Agreed after reading this I have no idea what actually happened.

  3. That was a cat5-Ch!mp0ut at McDs.
    The usual suspects too.

    1. Jim Southerland says:

      Had be Irish nuns.

  4. Steven Myers says:

    Just a suggestion – Hire a reporter and / or an editor

  5. Don’t make the black kids angry. Notice her screaming you white ass bicth?

  6. Matthew Campbell says:

    This story reports next to nothing intelligible and for some reason they blur out the girls. Shouldn’t the girls be shown so ppl can ID them??

    1. Robert W Nagel says:

      Professional courtesy of the Democrats on the paper.

  7. Richard Stenger says:

    Saw this on Drudge. Went to for more real California news.

  8. Abriana Zinich says:

    I would like to know why, every single time there is some sort of story about a fight breaking out at a food venue, it is African Americans fighting and tearing up the places and assaulting people? I know it before I click the story. It can be McDonalds, Burger King, IHOP, Denny’s or Taco Bell, it’s always the same… what is it about food…

    1. Couldn’t agree more. And they always identify them as “teens”. No. It’s “Black Teens” most of the time!

    2. Actually I do know why. A huge amount of these “teens”,have been raised in a single parent (usually the woman) household and have no respect for anyone or anything, are uneducated, and have not been taught to resolve conflict in a civilized way. The born-out-of-wedlock rate in the black community where the father is absent has increased steadily through the years to the present incredible rate of 76% which has created this huge problem.

      1. John Devereaux says:

        Really? Well let me tell you something. The teens,,,,, well,,,, um,,,, er,,,,,, dang it, never mind, you’re right.

  9. David Anderson says:

    Welcome to the jungle.

  10. Chris Appel says:

    Reporter hope we can recognize the culprits, but her station blurred all the faces…what an IDIOT>

  11. Jay Barbieri says:

    The end ain’t really very far off. Find Jesus or not. Salvation really is your choice.
    In His Holy Name, Amen.

  12. Bobby Sargent says:

    Those Youts will use the “Din Do Nuffin” defense. Because of the blurring dey din do nuffin!

  13. Jeffrey Wilson says:

    They fired the manager over this. They should fire all the other innocent McDonald’s workers too, because that’s, “justice”, firing people who are attacked, TYPICAL, gutless, corporate mentality, punish the victims.

  14. Mike Arvand says:

    “teen,” nice ambiguous title there. Anyone with a brain knew what to expect before the video even loaded. And, wasn’t disappointed when it did.

    1. Shane Felkner says:

      how do you know they are teenage?

      1. Juliette Sasek says:

        Because the article said they were. The mom said they were teenage girls.

  15. mjazzguitar says:

    Send them to europe to beat up the koranimals who think they are entitled to grab any woman they see.

  16. Gil Stonebarger says:

    open borders…you guys voted for it

    1. Gil Stonebarger says:

      oops…was trying to give it the benefit of the doubt…it was the other notorious group. when will it change?

  17. Tom Ronson says:

    The main reason for blurring the faces was to hide the fact that these troublemakers were black. PC alway rules the day sorry to say.

  18. The black family has been under attack by liberal Democrats for decades. They are now doing the same to white families. When the government replaces the fathers and husbands society eventually collapses.

    1. Jon Doe says:

      “The black family has been under attack by liberal Democrats for decades. They are now doing the same to white families.”

      Yeah. and they are using the “black families” as the weapon to do this with.

  19. Brad Kaplan says:

    The blurring of faces in the video…along with the “reporter” asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects. Such an insane thought process is a perfect example of what is ruining our society. The media – along with the Democrat party – are gleefully and willingly leading us in to chaos.

  20. Mike Coon says:

    Mexifornian Apes Gone Wild-Part 15,009,887,031

  21. Ross L Rice says:

    Feral Obamanites…

  22. Vincent Ford says:

    DUMBAZZ MSM: “We’d like your help identifying these blurred out faces, thanks” .

    I just can’t even ………

  23. “Teens” translation = “Blacks”.

  24. Joe Pace says:

    Teens, by now everyone knows who they are, feral animals the color of night.

  25. Doug Day says:

    Was this story supposed to make sense? I pieced it together and my pre-click suspicions were confirmed. As usual.

  26. And of course, the blur out the “teens” to hide their race. They were black and acting in a very typical way. And they wonder…

  27. Kurt Frommd says:

    Blurring out faces…. why? Especially if the police asks for help identifying them.

  28. Steve Hollar says:

    I knew it was a bunch of wooly heads before I even watched the video.

  29. Stu Pedasso says:

    Blurring the perps’ faces is BS, even if they are minors. Let them OWN their bad behavior.

  30. Joe Veritas says:

    Similar event in NJ recently when a 50 something woman asked “teenage girls” to stop shouting profanities in a Wawa store. Woman got a complete beatdown until an employee jumped in. Feral blacks.

  31. Feral. Put the animals down.

  32. Robert Dunn says:

    Try as they might the media just couldn’t disguise the fact that the perpetrators were black. Again.

  33. Mike Bailey says:

    Fortunately I live in a concealed carry state. I pray this happens to me one day.

  34. Ian Foster says:

    Yes you were all correct! obviously

  35. This is how liberals are today. They don’t have a political agenda or plan. They just want to create violence, hate and attack others. It’s the same rhetoric they do with Trump. No plans but attack, cuss and insult him non stop.

    Vote republican and let’s take our country back from neanderthals like these.

    Not odd at all, that the MSM doesn’t even mention that all the girls were blacks or hispanics. I think it’s quite noteworthy since the police are supposedly trying to ID the girls. They’ll likely get a free pass because of their race though. Playing the minority card is the first thing these people will do.

  36. Su Yu says:

    White people are at it again!

  37. JoJo Wasaman says:

    What in God’s name is the matter with these feral, aboriginal tribal violent BLACK female beasts? They should be euthanized at birth.

  38. Merely Speculating says:

    Actually, in this case the news people at CBS were doing it right, and should be appreciated for it. They aren’t passing judgement, just reporting. The teens, were obviously (and acting) younger than adults so their faces were being blotched out “for privacy” but I think most parents who care about their kids actions wouldn’t have allowed their kids to be out making a mess of things without parental supervision, whatever their age. Good job CBS on this one. Hopefully we can have these kids doing court ordered community service soon instead of making a mess. And if they’re illegal…well, I guess we’ll just have to send their illegal parents home with them so they aren’t separated from their family. Maybe next time their parents will keep better tabs on their kids so they don’t ignore the laws of the US as they have.

    1. Thomas Ferlito says:

      Actually they didn’t have to blur and shouldn’t have done so. Since they were the perpetrators and not the victims and in a public place and police asking for identification they were absolutely wrong to blur the black girls faces.

  39. So the police can’t identify these criminals, but they are absolutely certain that they are all minors? That’s very odd. And why is this incident not being classified as a hate crime? A gang of one race was assaulting individuals of other races while shouting racial epithets. That’s a hate crime in my book.

  40. August Dunning says:

    blurred out images don’t hide the fact that the negro problem is still an issue in society

  41. Jennifer Kimbrell says:

    This kind of behavior would never be tolerated at Chick-Fil-A; it is absolutely outrageous. Doesn’t McDonald’s have limits posted on the play area? They do at CFA: kids have to be under 54″ tall.

  42. Tullius Cicero says:

    Preview of CNN-sponsored race war to come.

  43. Charlie Alvarez says:

    Filthy black thugs should be behind bars where they belong.

  44. Carl Mayo says:

    it’s that amish girls’ soccer team again.

  45. Joe Frederick says:

    How can we recognize the perps WHEN YOU WON’T SHOW THEIR FACES???

  46. Animals gonna animal. I think it may be time to bring back sterilization.

  47. Umberto Cellini says:

    Wakandans gonna wakanda.

  48. Kate Craig says:

    Future Democrat voters.

  49. Handy Andy says:

    Obama must be proud. Moreno Valley used to be a nice place until a certain group of people decided to relocate there.

  50. Ferd Berfel says:

    teen-boons gotta do what teen-boons do. I’m surprised they didn’t start flinging poo!

  51. Patrick Cronin says:

    best advise avoid the groid

  52. Michael Baub says:

    Build a wall around the greater LA area, too.

  53. Streeky Dee says:

    unmask the perps and show the faces. Old enough for destruction, old enough for identification.

  54. Chris Richards says:

    Thank you for the blurring of the faces. It will speed up the identification of the suspects involved.

  55. Let’s not jump to concl….AAAAND it’s black people.

  56. Jeb Charleston says:

    Another brown savage whose brain overloads at the slightest inconvenience, what a surprise. Hard for them to avoid these overloads when they only have a 70 IQ.

  57. Stevan Baker says:

    So how are we supposed to identify the perps….the video is made so we cant see them.

  58. Teens again. Gotcha. No, seriously, we gotcha. PCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPC.

  59. Mistah Potatohead says:

    Them Swedes are at it again.

  60. I knew what they looked like when I read the headline. Typical.

  61. If anybody should be fired it’s the writer of this article. I have no idea of who got fired. Why not hire someone who finished high school with at least a C in English composition. Also, you can’t ID anyone if their faces are blurred. Were they black, white, latino, or what?

  62. Pepe C Lopes says:

    African pavement apes.

  63. Larry Matters says:

    I will be kneeling at the next national anthem to protest this racial injustice – “g”od bless Colin Kaepernick.
    I now know what is meant by the adjective: “teens” (or is it a noun?).
    Thankfully, Amerika just elected a solid coalition of “women of color” – we’ll be ok now.

  64. Alben Parkley says:

    Knew it before I watched it. You did, too.

  65. Steve Roberts says:

    McDonalds has made it a chain wide policy from head offices not to provide any security in their restaurants and accept no responsibility for abusive customers – even towards the elderly
    Even if threatened in a 24 hour restaurant they will not even provide an escort to the person’s car
    One day they will be sued big time for an act of violence towards a customer that they were notified that the customer felt threatened and provided no action what so ever

  66. Roderick Goggenheimer says:

    Negroes, always the negroes. They are savages with poor impulse control and low IQ’s.

  67. Eddie Hughes says:

    It’s about time and I’m glad these white women need to stay in their place. If the manager didn’t tell these teenagers to leave the kid’s area then they can stay and play as long as they want.

  68. Jeremiah Johnson says:

    Was this article written by a grade school newspaper reporter? It’s mostly unintelligible.