SACRAMENTO (CBSLA/AP) – California’s new governor is promising the most populous state will be a “sanctuary to all who seek it” in a direct affront to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom challenged the Trump administration repeatedly as he was sworn in to office Monday, particularly on immigration.

The former San Francisco mayor became the state’s 40th governor, succeeding the term-limited Jerry Brown.

“People’s lives, freedom, security, the water we drink, the air we breathe — they all hang in the balance,” Newsom, 51, told a crowd of hundreds packed into a tent outside the state Capitol.

SACRAMENTO, CA – JANUARY 07: Governor Gavin Newsom delivers his inaugural address after being sworn in as the 40th governor of California on January 7, 2019 in Sacramento, California. Gavin Newsom will begin his first term after serving as the 42nd Mayor of San Francisco as well as Lieutenant Governor of California since 2010 alongside outgoing governor Jerry Brown (Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images)

He says children should not be “ripped away from their parents” at the border, and they also shouldn’t be left hungry while Trump pledges to spend billions of dollars on “a wall that should never be built.”

While he avoided referencing Trump by name, Newsom referred to the administration as corrupt and incompetent and promised California will “write America’s future.”

Even as he needled Trump, Newsom offered an overture to voters in rural California, millions of whom voted for Trump and John Cox, Newsom’s Republican rival in November.

“I recognize that many in our rural communities believe that Sacramento doesn’t care about them — doesn’t even really see them,” he said. “I see you. I care about you. And I will represent you with pride.”

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Comments (213)
  1. James Fenkner says:

    Does that Sanctuary for all stuff include taxpayers?

    1. Dan Purcell says:

      It does, taxpayers are paying for all of it…it wouldn’t be possible without them.

    2. Why would anything in California “hang in the balance” after the 16th year of Governor Moonbeam Brown?
      Maybe because of 16 years under Governor Brown…

    3. Samuel Green says:

      I thought Ca. had hope after Jerry Brown, I was mistaken.

      California needs to fix their EPIC homeless issue and then fix their conundrum water problem before making promises and blank checks on a Sanctuary system they simply cannot afford.

      You know what the difference between President Trump and Governor Newsom? One is actually TRYING to make America great, and they other is being a antique politician making promises he knows dang well Ca. cannot afford. Talk is cheap.

    4. Hiram Holiday says:

      Not if you are a lawful citizen of The United States of America.

  2. ddswaterloo says:

    Race and Socialism in one picture:

    Access to white people is not a human right: Enough.

    My country was my home, now its a hotel, and they think I’m going to be a waiter. #WhiteGenocide

    1. Probably should reconsider incarcerating the citizens that break the laws too. I mean, you are breaking up families and tearing children away from their parents when you imprison a mother or father. Have you no shame, Gavin?

  3. Robert Jensen says:

    Great. Finally, a governor who is going to take a state that’s in bad shape, and convert it all the way to 100% pure $hi++y shape.

  4. What he said: “I see you. I care about you. And I will represent you with pride.” What he didn’t say: “I don’t give a damn about what you want or your opinions.”

    1. Gordon Preston Brown says:

      Exactly. Right on the money.

  5. Steve Wilson says:

    From the same guy who presided over the homeless explosion in San Francisco.

  6. Will I get sanctuary from the state if I refuse to pay my taxes that go to illegals and homeless?

    1. Steven Soleri says:

      And we are supposed to believe that Pelosi and Schumer care about border protection? Same values as Newsom.

  7. Bob Suyak says:

    Another dumba.s as gov of Ca, nothing changes.

  8. Darren Taylor says:

    Newsom is the enemy of the America people and of the state.

  9. voipcitadel says:

    Including illegal alien cop murders Gavin?

  10. Douglas Lindsey says:

    CA HAVA Voter Database needs be be audited for non citizens voting.

  11. David Switzer says:

    Clearly, Gavin has never watched The Walking Dead. Offer sanctuary to everyone and some bad hombres and going to get in.

  12. Harold Riley says:

    Can we have sanctuary from being forced to pay for your choices? I’m waiting for him to give up private jet travel, armed security, and walls around his house before he foists it on everyone else.

    You first, governor.

  13. Tim Eastin says:

    Who elects these idiots? Don’t the votes have any idea the repercussions of this man’s actions?

    1. Patrick Stewart says:

      Been wondering the same thing myself, maybe its to late the tide has turned, between our clueless youth and the amount of illegals voting it cannot be turned back….

  14. Monty Jones says:

    “People’s lives, freedom, security, the water we drink, the air we breathe — they all hang in the balance,” Newsom, 51, told a crowd of hundreds packed into a tent outside the state Capitol.

    They all hang in the balance? Yeah sure, add a couple more million blood suckers to your population and tell me how that balances out.

  15. Jeff Mitchell says:

    Governor Nuisance at it again!

  16. Tom Gimm says:

    There you have it folks, the socialists don’t want to keep US citizens safe.

  17. Gary Katz says:

    Newsom is as dumb as he looks. Here’s hoping ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS go to Calif – particularly SF and LA – and request free heath care, free college, and sanctuary from the law. Love to see Newsom’s answer to that. What a moron.

  18. Zak Watson says:

    Anti-racists say there is a RACE problem that can only be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and “assimilates.”

    What if I said there was a RACE problem that could only be solved if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country? How long before people realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem, but the conclusion to the BLACK problem?

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  19. Rafael Zavala says:

    what a peach.

  20. Chris McClelland says:

    Sorry, but he cannot do that. It’s in violation of Federal immigration laws and he can(and should be) arrested and given a minimum of 25 years prison for treason, aiding and abetting and harboring fugitives from justice. The FBI should pay him a little “visit” at first. If he continues, have him arrested.

    If we want to end the illegal alien issue, we HAVE to arrest ALL mayors, governors, employers, cops, activist judges, politicians and citizens who help, hire, hide and aid illegal aliens. On top of that we MUST make it a felony to illegally cross our border, to take away ALL welfare benefits from illegals including those with anchors, mandate E-Verify across the country and destroy all sanctuaries. If you take away the food, water, shelter and spawning grounds, the wild animals leave.

  21. Jerry Casale says:

    So, open borders to all aliens; and at the same time, boost those stagnant wages, reduce the homeless population, and lower skyrocketing cost of living. Sounds legit.

  22. Thank God I left California three years ago. With Newsome, the place will suck even more money out of people’s pockets & give it away. More people are going to leave California in the next four years under this moron.

    1. hi Friend- I am a native Cali Gal (Southern California_- and grand-daughter of LEGAL immigrants from both Mexico and Canada…California is turning into a 3rd world nation right before my eyes:( and way faster than I could imagine!!!….please tell me where did you move? EVERYONE I know my age (54years) 40’s-60’s years has one foot OUT the door- just trying to decide where to go…the once GOLDEN STATE is GONE!!!!….ps a famous local economist predicted within 20 years (I say within 10) California will be a 3rd world nation except for those “coastal elites” living in “gated communities”…. Thank you Gavin Grusome and social progressive liberals, for taking our state down the sewer (look at SF, if you want to see the “golden future” Grusome has in store:(:(:( and ruining Cali for the “real people” who do not have fortresses around their homes, armed security etc…all for more power/$$$ they SOLD our State out:(:(:(!!!!!

  23. Joyce Stevens says:

    Place buses at the border. Put all of the illegals on the bus and take them immediately to Sacramento!!!!

  24. Catherine Jane says:

    Clearly Newsom doesn’t understand the word “represent,” because he spent his speech telling ≈ 1/2 of California that what they want and what they think is wrong.
    Someone might want to tell Newsom that most of San Diego county has a wall, and has had a wall for decades. Bill Clinton began building the wall in the early 1990s while Newsom was rolling out his business ventures like the PlumpJack Winery and the PlumpJack Cafe with his pal Gordon Getty. Speaking of “Gordon,” Newsom is more like Gordon Gekko than he is like the facade he wears. #RIPCalifornia

  25. Dan Purcell says:

    Gavin is a sociopath, and California deserves him.

  26. Chingatch Croute says:

    Isn’t aiding & abetting criminals a crime of it’s own? (yes, see federal law) Where is the FBI when we need them?

  27. Dan Purcell says:

    Hiding out with the DOJ and pulling each other’s pud.

  28. Another stinking California LOON is loose! When will those left coast nutjobs learn?

  29. If Newson really hates America that much and wants to be a sanctuary state so that people can just ignore America’s laws, then he should propose a plan to secede from the United States and spare the rest of the nation his insanity.

  30. Mark Cohen says:

    Why does California have a huge surplus? We are taxed excessively not to mention licenses and fees. Our new Governor likes them. Our gas tax is rediculous. Why do we work so hard? Maybe to be a Sanctuary State and give everything away for free. Why do people who are given things for free not work for what is given to them?

    I hope our new Governor is sincere. I am independent and dislike the lies and games both parties continue to tell us.

    I hope no more people who use California as a Sanctuary State do not kill any more of our officers. The officer lost everything and his attorney thinks he’s crazy.

    I wish him luck and hope we are not meant to suffer by his actions.

  31. Kim Ama says:

    Texas has become a sanctuary state for California citizens… enough of this America.

  32. As California goes, so goes the nation, eventually. The delusional are leading us down the road of destruction.

  33. Dylan Patrick says:

    Arrest him! U.S. Code › Title 8 › Chapter 12 › Subchapter II › Part VIII › § 1324

    8 U.S. Code § 1324 – Bringing in and harboring certain aliens

  34. Kenny Chartier says:

    Thank you Guvnuh!! I want to move into your house, eat your food and sleep in your bed. So move over cause here I come with my family and all my friends and their families. By the way, I like my ribeye medium rare. And I can’t sleep on anything except Egyptian cotton with at least 800 thread count. Also, make sure the hot tub is no more than 102 degrees. My great dame dogs have irritable bowels so make sure you have someone on standby to clean up their accidents. I don’t want to smell their doo doo. I look forward to you providing everything for me and my family forever. Thank you!!

    1. Mike Holmes says:

      No problem with the dogs smell for him. As SF Mayor he did nothing to clean up the streets and sidewalks from poo. Didn’t want to offend folks with different cultures you know. Guess you will just have to get use to it like everyone else if you move in.

  35. Brie Michaels says:

    So sad for California. Illegals everywhere and human feces decorating the sidewalks.

  36. Alan Whitney says:

    I’ve written this before… California should be stripped of its status as a state, and made a territory.
    I know this will never happen, but I think it IS doable.

  37. Mike Holmes says:

    If illegals have a moral right to be here based on economic disadvantage then they have a right to share your home food and savings because the right is theirs not yours.

  38. Jerry Walton says:

    So isn’t adding and abetting people who break federal law a crime too?

  39. Newsom is holding a 5 year old (at least) “child” who’s sucking on a pacifier!?!? Talk about a metaphor for CA liberals!!!

  40. Bob Smalser says:

    I can’t think of anything more immoral than luring the Third World’s poor up here with open borders and sanctuary city laws, then winking when they steal the necessary social security number to get a job, then denying them the right to ever draw the social security they paid into. All while exploiting them with subpar wages for the duration of their stay.

  41. Kev SF says:

    Sadly I feel are going to get worse for us citizens here in California under Newsome who couldn’t make a city better but worse.

  42. Robert Benjamin says:

    That’s a really cute little boy you’re holding there JOY BOY. We’ll see what you’re attitude is when a drunk ILLEGAL slams into your car and kills him. You are so out of touch with reality and you’ve just begun. California really really sucks.

  43. Andrew Mustapich says:

    Without borders there is no country.With the unchecked ability for illegals to vote,California will turn into a third world nation driving out the Anglos

  44. Reginald Winthorp says:

    Let’s build the wall everywhere EXCEPT California. Tear down the wall and the border check there.

  45. Nutsem wants the whole state and country to be like San Fran, the homeless and poop capital of the nation. Actually Nutsem wants to plump up the electoral vote, and give the votes to illegals, as there is no way to check to make sure only citizens are voting. Right , Nutsem.
    Without illegals flooding CA, while citizens flee CA, the electoral college and reps in Congress would go way down.

  46. Fantastic, please take them. I will post signs at our boarder in TX directing them all your way. Thank you!!

  47. marlene hessler says:

    How about sanctuary for law abiding citizes/taxpayers from his criminal friends.

    Guess all that recreational marijuana is affecting what used to be his brain.

  48. Gregory Brittain says:

    “sanctuary to all who seek it”

    More evidence, should you need any, that the #DemParty favors #IllegalImmigration.

    Complying with the law can be mandatory or optional depending on which answer serves the political interests of the #DemParty.

    Americans like Ronil Singh are merely “road kill” for the #DemParty on its drive for power.

    1. marlene hessler says:

      ‘Sanctuary to all who seek it’ would imply need for a wall to keep the illegals in their ‘sanctuary’ and enable law abiding citizens sanctuary from those illegals. WALLS WORK.

  49. d0ct0rj says:

    By Newsom’s logic, anyone who plugs a politician should relocate to California to escape prosecution. After all, he said “sanctuary to all who seek it”…

  50. Offer them all $1000/month and their freedom…bring them all in, then nuke California from orbit.

  51. Joshua Franks says:

    What about those that want Sanctuary from the Illegals?

  52. Bill Wheeler says:

    and the idiots who vote these people in office will continue to move out of state and vote the same people in office there. Liberalism is a mental disease.

  53. Larry Waltz says:

    Probably the Russians are in on this.

  54. Johnny Simpson says:

    Fine. Pull out all federal agencies and funding, let them tax themselves to death, and use what money we in the remaining 49 states save to build a wall around California to protect the rest of us from illegal psycho killers like the one that murdered police officer Ronil Singh and Kate Steinle. Give the people what they want!

  55. James Harvey says:

    Enough is enough. Invoke the insurrection act.

  56. Chuck Schmitz says:

    How many more dead cops do you expect governor?

  57. Mark Lemmon says:

    Nothing is owed to the commie crowd…

  58. Darren Davis says:

    Hey Gavin, your liberal open border policies have destroyed California. California natives like my family are forced to send our kids to private schools, buy super expensive health insurance (or go without), and drive on roads that are not fit for horses. Thanks Jerk!

    1. Caligal says:

      Dittos Darren! Gavin GRUSOME will push California deeper into a 3rd world sewer:(:(:(

  59. Chris Arias says:

    IDIOT! I am from California and he is a MORON!

  60. Bob J says:

    Governor Newsome is a political idiot. How dare he take hard-working middle-class tax dollars and give to illegal aliens for free health care!
    why not take care of taxpaying Americans first?
    He just opened the door to chaos and anarchy here in California.

    All you illegal alien criminal, come to California! No jail time for crimes committed!
    Free Health care, housing, food stamps, all free social services!

    Americans who live and work in California will pay for all your free services!

  61. John Woodstone says:

    The people of California elected Newsome and he is putting the needs of illegals over those of Americans. I guess it doesn’t matter to California voters.

  62. Samuel Green says:

    When California rectifies their legions of homeless citizens, and they rectify their water supply issues, then you can give the nation a lecture.

    As a lifelong Democrat, my West Coast brethren don’t speak for me. nor do any Democrat leaders at this time.
    Resisting is not a strategy. If the shoe was on the other foot and President Trump resisted opening the Gov’t back up. Nobody would be the winner. Our legislatures should wake up from their comas.

    Obama and my Democrat leaders refused to even go to the negotiating table, and that’s why Ive been voting GOP since that devil tongue narcissist fooled me in 2008.

    I thought there was hope for California after that bumbling fool Jerry left the mansion, business as usual I’m sad to say

  63. Better a million citizens be shot, stabbed and raped rather than one criminal, who is here illegally, be forced to go home. Democratic Party motto 2019.

  64. Robbie Warden says:

    Newsom promised California will “write America’s future.” Do so, and Venezuela may have to put up a wall to keep Californian’s out.

  65. Stanley Bailey says:

    Newsom a true anti-American democrat dope.

  66. LeDoyle Pingel says:

    The last time states openly defied federal law was the first civil war. Looks like it might help trigger the 2nd civil war.

  67. Tomas Cruz says:

    Amigos, California’s new gold rush starts today!

  68. Abel Garcia says:

    I want to see people arrested!

  69. Jeff Hall says:

    Great, now we’re going to have more Liberal DB’s moving here to Texas.

  70. Shane King says:

    Fine. Let’s extend the wall up Western Arizona, Western Nevada, and Southern Oregon. We can also tear down the existing fences/walls on the Southern California border.

    We cede California back to Mexico on condition they pay for the wall. I guarantee they go for it. Everybody wins.

  71. Wm Layer says:

    California is in a state of insurrection and the governor and those like him should be arrested and tried for federal crimes.

  72. Trump is to Newsome as Kennedy was to…. a) George Wallace b) George Wallace c) George Wallace d) all of the above.

  73. Paul Trott says:

    Noticed none of these tribal dancing happy campers attended the Newman police officer’s funeral.

  74. Emm Are Kay says:

    California is done, cooked, over, finished….

  75. Tom Carter says:

    Hope you can afford them. Don’t send them East. You want them so support them without federal money. Good Luck.

  76. Democrats thought they could nullify federal law in 1861, too…this ends badly for them…in 1861, there were actually Dems who could shoot.

  77. David Seaver says:

    Our 24 + member golf group used to travel from KC to Palm Desert for a golf outing every year. Five years ago we decided to vote with our dollars against the insanity of CA laws so now we go to FL every March.

  78. David Swenk says:

    Newsome says he cares about us rural folks and will represnt us with pride. You take our irrigation water to give to cities, you dont allow any more dams and water storage, you eliminate the Williamson Act to give tax relief for farmers, you harbor criminal illegal aliens who are killing our citizens and you spend billion of our dollars to give to illegals who pay no taxes. You want to take our guns away, our nly way to protect ourselves as we live in remote areas. You want to raise taxes across the board, our infrastrucure to crumbling but you want to build a train to benefit LA and SF. So where is these is our so called concern for us rural folks? thats why we voted for Trump and Cox cause your party could care less about us. I just wish Sacramento would leave us alone, go bug the urbanites

  79. Richard Stenger says:

    Came here from Drudge. Went to for more real California news.

  80. Paully Revere says:

    Well for those seeking sanctuary, there will be plenty of places to take a dump at least. Or did he say he will make Cali a sanitary state?

  81. Daniel Voyles says:

    It’s past time to take the pacifier from the kid.

  82. Kevin Denny says:

    We can do it people ! We can do it ! Finally our Utopian Dream ! With the help of Governor Newsom, we can save every single downtrodden person on the Planet !! Yippeeee Yahooooo !

  83. Parker Maridian says:

    California working class white people: get out while you still can.

  84. Ed Hauptmann says:

    As long as Gavin will be held personally responsible, and sued into oblivion, when these illegal invaders kill and rape American citizens, then fine.

  85. Handy Andy says:

    Gavin doesn’t care because his white privileged little boy wont go to a public school and sit next to other children who can’t speak english.

  86. Christopher Bogart says:

    Instead of being focused on building affordable housing this is where their time and your money is being spent.

  87. What about federal tax and gun laws? Can I get “sanctuary” from them too in california?

  88. Marty Elkins says:

    Cut off ALL federal funding to California and any city in the U.S. who are sanctuary cities. If California isn’t broke it will be soon. Congratulations, California.

  89. Dee Win says:

    Without the enforcement of established LAW, the U.S. becomes just like the broken nations that these people flee. Brilliant.

  90. Blaine McAvoy says:

    Generosity is a virtue as long as those practicing it share their own personal treasure with those in need. Otherwise, it is forced redistribution. Are Newsom and his supporters first surrendering their own personal treasure? “Sanctuary to all” is eerily similar to the hole-in-the-wall protection for outlaws by outlaws made famous in Hollywood westerns.

  91. Steve Tanton says:

    There has got to be a law against rogue governors who break the law. But I suppose breaking it and the federal government doing anything about it is another. Too, caring about people and saying you’re gonna do this or that in a speech is one thing; but outright breaking federal law is quite another. The Feds should be watching and if any federal laws regarding immigration or anything else for that matter are broken, the perpetrators, the governor and his cronies should be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, period.

  92. Douglas Campbell says:

    Three words for the good Governor: Cpr. Ronil Singh

  93. Ed Meyer says:

    Thank god for the electoral college or these commies would be ruining the rest of the country.

  94. Jeff Jones says:

    This is working out perfectly. I moved from the People’s Republik of Kalifornia last week to Texas, after a great career in the oil business where I earned obscene wages for 47 years, so Newsome won’t confiscate my retirement (and I can buy gasoline @ $1.71/gal instead of $3.50!), and if my wife and I ever get seriously ill, all we need to do is go back to that place for free health care. Only in Amerika!!

  95. Abriana Zinich says:

    Does no one look at the pictures any more? There are two distinct signs, one says: Give us FREE Health Care Jobs – No Taxes House Food You OWE us America! and the other one says in RED: We Will Shoot More Police in Arizona Until We Get Free!

    These lovely people that are forcing their way across our border illegally, breaking our laws, bringing in the worst criminals imagined, trafficking drugs and humans into this country, and murdering Americans, are the face of the Democrats. They will do anything to prop up their population numbers, by flooding their states with illegal aliens, allowing them to stay, then protecting them, then putting in laws that will allow them to vote to keep them in power. All at the expense of American lives.

    The Democrats hate America, and hate anyone who is not a Democrat, but love the money and power.

    The guy holding the sign, threatening to kill more police, suggest he knows or had part in previous deaths, is he under arrest? It says “WE” will shoot “MORE”…. that suggests he played a part. Not all speech is protected speech

  96. Barry Copithorne says:

    Traitors deserve to be hanged. The democrats are the most corrupt party I have ever seen from America. Now I am not ignorant of the corruption of the Republican party to, but the democrats win by a landslide. And all I have to say as a Canadian, do not let them make America into Canada. I was hurt and almost died because of these”refugees” at my job. And I am on WCB because of it. The democrats don’t care about Americans. They care about their agendas and plans. 1776 shall commence again one of these days.

  97. What Newsom is proposing here is essentially secession. Ignore or enforce the Federal laws you choose. California, from it’s highest office, is in a state of rebellion against the Union.

  98. Barry Levy says:

    so do we get to enter his home, or does he have walls and doors that stop us.

  99. Erich Soldat says:

    and more businesses will leave, high income earners will move away and yo will have a state of poor, uneducated folks with no skills, cash or chance of a future – well done!

  100. Russ Reecer says:

    glad i went to CA back in the early 1980s, it was still nice then, skateboarding the boardwalk, dune buggies, desert and beach parties…if i go now i’lll want to take all my weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammo just to protect myself in the state that has become an absolute S hole

  101. El Chapo should have just fled to California then claimed “Sanctuary”…

  102. Keith Gibson says:

    I hope The Gov and his wife can still find time for their plastic surgery appointments. Looks like Ken and Barbie finally got a job!

  103. …yet not a peep about the tens of thousands of homeless in his state.

  104. Immigration enforcement supporters need to approach this issue from a different angle. Progressives claim to care more about the environment/ecosystem than anything else. Illegal immigrants avoid the state and federal inspection stations designed to prevent the introduction of harmful/invasive produce, plants, and pests into California. Therefore, condoning and encouraging illegal immigration poses a serious threat to the California ecosystem. So what California needs is not a sanctuary policy, but a wall along the Mexican border to prevent anyone entering the U.S. from avoiding those crucial plant and pest inspections.

  105. Terry Gibson says:

    Great as long as NO federal funds are provided! California must bare the entire fiscal burden!!

  106. Michael Ryan says:

    California…a “sanctuary state”…terrific! …..Trump, have the Border Patrol stand down at San Diego and open the flood gates!

  107. Robbie Carroll says:

    I will not comply with these looney idiots; I will report to ICE/Immigration any violators. You cannot stop me!

  108. Rick Jimmink says:

    Insanity. lies, and deceit. Thankful I am now a Texan.

  109. Bill Thompson says:

    Why doesn’t California tear down that immoral barrier on its border from the ocean all the way out to the desert?

    Seriously. It’s racist.

  110. Vana Blair Brock says:

    Many people are missing the big picture, as well as the harmful impact this has on the future of any society. If it is ok to disobey some laws, why not all laws. If any of us feels they have this power or right, it doesn’t take long for the really low of the low to adopt the attitude that no laws matter. How long before someone says: well if you don’t want to obey these laws, I don’t feel I need to obey those laws that are protecting you. This is a very dangerous and slippery slope we are on. History will prove this to be another major blow to the positive forces trying to build a more civil society.

  111. Jeff Strailey says:

    Newsom’s comments are treasonous. He should be stopped now before he does any real damage.

    1. Patrick Stewart says:

      What we really need is a wall between California and the rest of the U.S……

  112. Jerry Schmitz says:

    Not all criminals are illegals, but all illegals are criminals. Cross the border without papers you broke the law. Over stay your visa, you have broken the law. Do not show up for your court hearing, you have broken the law. Work in this country without proper papers, you have broken the law. Use fake papers to work, you have broken the law. Use fake papers that replaces steals someone else’s ID, you have broken the law and destroyed a life. Think about it.

  113. Clyde Fromfelter says:

    Total wack job…. Guy’s brain must have fallen out along the campaign trail. No basis in reality at all. PLEASE leave the United States. We don’t want you!!!! Go be part of Mexico or North Korea. It’s time to cut off all federal funding to sanctuary zones. The morons have taken over. I feel bad for the rational majority in california that have nothing to do with this moron. SO SAD!!!!

  114. Jah Red says:

    So will the State protect me with Sanctuary from the IRS?
    Why discriminate which federal agencies you’ll protect people from?….

  115. Rick Blaine says:

    Allow illegals, give them free everything, AND slowly, but surely, confiscate the guns from the law abiding REAL American citizens in California. What do you think the natural and foreseeable conclusion to that is going to be?

  116. Abel Garcia says:

    I want ti see people arrested

  117. Samuel Green says:

    California has the worst homeless issue in the nation, and California also has the most strained potable water problem in the nation, as if their horrendous drought problem has gone away.

    These two issues with only ONE solution, and that’s CASH. When California has the cash to fix their homeless issue and water issues, including their antiquated water right issue, then they can open it’s door to sanctuary status.

    Fix the problems you have before you open your mouth making promises you cannot fulfill.

  118. Danielfb Rice says:

    Has this idiot for a Gov. ever talked with a taxpayer about his liberal utopia and who’s going to pay for this progressive wet dream? I may stop paying my taxes !!! I’m serious! Anyone who pays their taxes should scream about this hijacking of our gov’t. !!!

  119. He cares for illegals much more than he cares about Americans because they are his voters. We the American people citizens of California will continue to pay heavily for his policies and California will continue its decline.

  120. Bobby Hinds says:

    So, #1, why can he say that he can break all our laws and nothing will happen to him? #2, why can’t the federal government cut off all funding to California until they stop this? I mean really, how hard is that?