LANCASTER (CBSLA) — A grandfather of six was killed moments after leaving a Jack in the Box in Lancaster on Thursday.

Security video shows Frank Borsotti walking out of the restaurant and to his truck just before 1 p.m. Friends said he was picking up lunch for his wife.

He appears to have some sort of exchange with the people in the car that is blocking him in. Then a man walks out of the passenger side and strikes him.

“When deputies arrived they found a victim down. Suffered from obvious trauma. It was a male white in his early 60s,” said Lancaster Police Lt. Scott Hoglund.

Borsotti was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead there.

A longtime family friend says the family is in shock and mourning.

“Frank Borsotti. Of all people for this to happen to. He would be the first person to forgive the man that hurt him. They took away a man from his family. A wife of 40 plus years,” said the family friend.

Police say it doesn’t appear the suspect and the victim knew each other and they have little information on the attacker.

People familiar with the area said it doesn’t surprise them.

“It’s not strange in this town. I mean this town has went down in the last few years and it’s just only getting worse,” said Jimmy Bowler.

Witnesses say there was some blood in the area where the victim was attacked.

Police say they are on the hunt for the killer and they are asking anyone with information to call them.

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  1. Only a description of the auto, not the murderer. How perfectly PC, CBS.

  2. Lewis Sanborn says:

    -The suspect is a wearer of sagging pants due to the hitching up of his pants upon exiting the suspect vehicle and the wide swaying gait which aids in keeping pants from falling.
    -Suspect likely to be racist black or Hispanic owing to the immediate negative response to the white person requesting they move their vehicle.
    -Suspects displayed a disregard for basic courtesy to avoid inconveniencing other customers by their double parking, indicating a disrespect for American culture or laws, suggesting a criminal history.
    -Suspect is taller than the victim but not substantially, and is thin or average in build since suspect had no difficulty in exiting the suspect vehicle or in suddenly punching the victim.
    -Suspect is right-handed with little or no boxing training, indicated by the assumption of a wide stance and presentation of left body side to the approach of victim.
    -Suspect post-assault did not exhibit outward evidence of mental stress and instead walked back to suspect vehicle, suggesting this was not the first such assault by this suspect.
    -Suspect vehicle is not substantially altered from stock, suggesting the owner/driver does not closely affiliate with the counter-culture displayed by the actor.
    -Suspect, apparently the controller of the group occupying the suspect vehicle, is likely not legally or financially able to operate a vehicle.
    -Suspects were not intending to enter the drive-thru and instead turned against the normal flow of traffic, suggesting they were surveilling the parking lot to rendezvous with a certain vehicle or individual.
    -DNA will be present on the victim’s frontal head skin as the suspect likely did not don gloves before the assault.

    Let’s find this SOB.

    1. Excellent list of hypotheses. Good job. Are you in law enforcement?

  3. Excellent list of hypotheses. Good job. Are you in law enforcement?

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