LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Sweden is sending Los Angeles a really foul gift: a three-month pop-up exhibit feat. the world’s most disgusting food!

The Disgusting Food Museum opened Sunday at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum on 900 E. 4th Street.

Some of the more despicable offerings are sheep-eyeball soup and maggot-infested cheese from Italy.

The exhibit also features American offerings, including Twinkies and Pop Tarts as some cultures appear to be disgusted by the amount of preservatives.

“I really want people to come here and enjoy themselves to really explore the world of food through the lens of disgust,” said Samuel West, a curator. “It’s an unusual way of looking at foods. I want them to leave with a sense of appreciation of contrast between different food cultures.”

The Disgusting Food Museum will be open through February. In addition to looking at the various food offerings, museum visitors will also be able to taste them … if you dare.