LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – It’s no secret that Los Angeles has some of the worst traffic in the world, but now county leaders are considering a plan that would charge commuters for driving in traffic-congested areas during rush hour.

Metro and several other groups are pushing for “Congestion Pricing.”

“Congestion Pricing is basically a way to relieve traffic in heavily impacted areas during peak times,” said Art Yoon, Southern California Association of Governments policy and public affairs director. “Using principals of economics – so what you try to do is regulate the amount of demand, and therefore, you regulate the amount of supply.”

The plan could mean paying to drive on major highways and freeways, like the 5, 10, 60 or 101. Or, possibly, a similar system to the 10 and 110 Expressways, which gives commuters a choice to pay to avoid traffic.

Other ideas include corridor charging, which means motorists in areas such as downtown L.A. or around LAX would incur a fee.

“It seems kinda unfair, I probably wouldn’t go,” said driver Joseph Martinez.

On Thursday, the head of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority also voiced his support for the tolls.

L.A. Metro CEO Phil Washington presented a report detailing the plan that would allow Metro to add more bus and train services in an effort to reduce freeway congestion, the Los Angeles Daily News reports. Taxing Uber and Lyft rides is reportedly another proposed solution to close a $26.2 billion gap in 28 projects slated for completion before the 2028 Olympic Games in L.A.

Similar plans in Singapore, Milan and London have proven successful. In Central London, drivers are charged $15 for weekdays.

New York City is considering a daily $12 fee for cars in Manhattan south of Central Park.

“It’s worked in 24 other places around the globe. I’m confident it can work here, too,” Yoon said.

Some drivers said they’re ready to pay if it means less traffic.

“I think it’s a very great idea. Anything to progress and to get better than what we have right now,” said Sandy Christiansen.

Metro will discuss the ideas in January or February, but there is currently no date in place to vote on Congestion Pricing or what that price could be.

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  1. Teresa Fitzpatrick says:

    Of course if you have plenty of money it sounds like a great idea. For the working poor who commute long distances because they often can’t afford to live near there jobs this would be a huge financial hardship. $15 dollars a day?? This is wrong on so many levels. How about we suck it up and build new infrastructure to meet the demand of our rising population. Our taxes paid to build these roads. We should all have the same access to use them. Reserving the roads for the wealthy is a terrible idea!

  2. Michelle Schumacher says:

    Join us at https://www.facebook.com/NOTMYTOLLROAD/ . No Toll Lanes on our FREEWAYS

  3. Sue Singer says:

    If anyone wants to move out of the LA Metro Area, I’m happy to help.

  4. Gil Vietor says:

    Boot out the illegals, your congestion problem would go away.

    1. Carol Wood says:

      Exactly! No one’s talking about the elephant in the room!

    2. Joyce Herder says:

      Yeah no one EVER mentions all the illegals that live here. Get rid of them and then not only will we have more open freeways, but more water and more electricity. And people will speak English again.

  5. Several things will happen as a result of this scheme.
    1. Side streets will get clogged beyond comprehension
    2. There will be Paris like protests in the streets, the freeways will get blocked with protesters,
    3. The politicians forcing this on everyone will be voted out of office or forcibly removed.
    What the geniuses forgot in their simplistic “supply and demand” scheme is the raw emotion of people beicg picked apart by taxes.
    Of course no one is calling for a building moratorium to prevent additional population because all that building brings in tax revenues.

    The article doesn’t mention the cost of the bureaucracy and infrastructure needed to make something like this happen. It also doesn’t mention the various cities that will pass laws from preventing commute traffic from taking side streets through their town.

    This is both the laziest and most punitive solution to the traffic problem imaginable.

  6. Dean Humphus says:

    The man Joseph Martinez quoted “It seems kinda unfair, I probably wouldn’t go,” It is defeatist statements like this that keep L.A. citizens voting up these city council and county supervisor idiots that keep coming up with these hair-brained schemes to tax you more and more. Kirk Brown…I like #3! I’m ready.

  7. Every other city “where this works” has a viable and vibrant public-transportation system capable of moving the required passenger load with some degree of efficiency.

    Los Angeles does not, and Metro is a large part of the problem.

    But, go ahead and punish the working poor for failing to succeed. Los Angeles politicians: Making Los Angeles Venezuela.

  8. Lester Metta says:

    That would punish the poor. No! They are public streets not streets for those with money.

  9. Tara Terminiello says:

    I understand Disney, in an effort to curtail mind boggling crowds, keeps upping its price…25% this year alone. That doesnt seem to be working so well.
    People should not be punished because states dont know how to zone and control a population.

  10. Steven V Johnson says:

    How about BUILD THE WALL?

  11. Paying fee is the last options. Problem now is driver driving as if they own the road.Slow vehicles needs to stay in the slow lane not in a middle but unfortunately they are not. Driving is a technique with common sense which most driver do not have. Imagine 110S , have a lane to avoid crossing into the the main 110S and they still do it.Anytime one change lanes, it slow the traffic further.

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