LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A beloved toy has been lost and National Weather Service forecasters have been enlisted to help track him down.

Herbert the Bear was attached to a bunch of balloons in Westchester Sunday, and blew away with the wind. The small stuffed black bear, with brown paws and snout, hasn’t been seen since.

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Herbert’s buddy, however, isn’t giving up hope for the bear. So his family called the National Weather Service office to ask if they could track where the winds could have possibly blown the bear.

Meteorologists obliged Herbert’s family and say the bear probably landed in Orange or San Diego County. A photo of Herbert with his buddy, whose face was blurred but T-shirt reads “Everybody Loves A Smart Kid,” was tweeted out, along with a message to anyone who might find a small stuffed bear attached to a bunch of deflated balloons.

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Anyone who finds Herbert can return him by calling the National Weather Service.