TUSTIN (CBSLA) – A Tustin woman is accused of sexually assaulting, kidnapping and robbing another woman at a bar while pretending to be a police officer.

Courtesy of Tustin Police Department

Denise Latta was arrested Thursday on suspicion of kidnapping, robbery, sexual battery, false imprisonment and impersonating a police officer, the Tustin Police Department said. Authorities found Latta in possession of fake badges, identification cards that read “agent” and clothing that read “fugitive recovery agent.”

The incident occurred Sept. 13 at the Tustin Inn, where police said Latta approached the victim and a bartender while flashing a badge similar to that of law enforcement.

According to police, Latta ordered the woman to show her identification then cut the card into pieces. She then forced the victim to leave the bar.

“Once outside, Latta forced the victim to put her hands on a wall and spread her feet. Latta then searched the victim, touching her breast and groin area over the clothing,” police said in a written statement.

Latta allegedly told the victim she wasn’t going to arrest her and ordered the woman to leave and never return to the bar.

Latta was arrested this week in Old Town Tustin, where she presented herself to investigators as a private detective and bail enforcement officer. She was also in possession of “several items” that led detectives to believe the Sept. 13 assault was not an isolated incident, according to police.

Additional victims or anyone with information is urged to contact Detective R. Newton at 714-573-3249.