Op-Ed by Adam Kruger – Host of “This Is LA”Sponsored By Circle 8 Productions


I was so stoked when I got invited to check out Vibrato Grill Jazz. Not only is it the only jazz music supper club in the area, it’s owned by 9-time Grammy winner Herb Alpert. I’m willing to bet this acclaimed jazz trumpeter knows his music, so I had to see it for myself!

The club has a cool, old school vibe the moment you walk in. The room is dimly lit with red light pods hanging from the ceiling, while the eclectic artwork that adorns the walls is illuminated with blue and yellow lights, making the venue a swirl of colors and sounds. I met with Eden Alpert, Herb’s daughter and the managing partner/co-owner of Vibrato, and she gave me a tour of the space. The venue is intimate, ensuring that there isn’t a single bad seat in the house. Eden showed me the upstairs section, which is a more private room for special guests who wish to enjoy the show while avoiding the crowd below. My eyes were already feasting on the décor and then it was time to order dinner! While Eden and I waited for our drinks and meals, we chatted about how Vibrato Grill Jazz got started and what makes it so special.

Adam: How did Vibrato get started?

Eden: About 18 years ago, my father was talking to his friend, Stan Getz, who, unfortunately, is no longer with us, and they were talking about wanting to bring an environment, a musical jazz restaurant to local musicians. As you can see, the way things are done in here—the way the wood is placed, the placement of the pods of the lighting—everything has to do with sound so it bounces off the right way so you can actually have a meal, listen to music, and have a conversation.

Adam: What kind of musical acts can people expect to listen to here?

Eden: We do a little bit of R&B and we’ll do Latin Jazz like we have tonight. Last night was old school James Tormé doing a little bit of Sinatra and a little of his new mix in there. Seth MacFarlane will come in with an 18-piece band.

The variety of music with the promise of being able to eat a scrumptious meal and have a conversation seems too good to be true. Just then, the waiter arrived with our drinks and appetizers. Eden had a Red-Headed Amsterdam, which is a vodka martini with a strawberry twist and I got the whiskey basil cocktail, Seriously Dangerous—aptly named because it is so good, I wanted another! Another thing that’s great about Vibrato: not only is the food incredible, they have vegetarian and vegan options, which is good for someone like me. I enjoyed a delicious beet and goat cheese salad followed by a delectable cauliflower steak while Eden had the shrimp skewers and lamb shanks. There’s something for everyone at this aesthetically and sonically pleasing jazz restaurant!

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