HANCOCK PARK (CBSLA) — Some people in a Hancock Park neighborhood said a driver targeted them because they are Jewish. Now police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

The suspect in the case, identified as Mohammed Mohammed, was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

Security video from Friday night shows the driver making a hard U-turn.

CBSLA interviewed one of the victims, who says he and his friend were the target.

“We both scrambled in different directions so he slammed on his brakes and missed us thank God,” the victim, who asked to remain anonymous, said.

A second security video shows the driver reversing and trying to hit them again.

“He clearly was going at us and it was even more clear on round two,” said the victim.

It happened on La Brea in Hancock Park, on a corner with a couple synagogues and on the Sabbath where many walk around in traditional attire.

“Why he chose us? Probably because of the yarmulkes on our heads,” the victim said.

Thankfully both the man and his friend got out of the way, but then they heard a crash.

A home security camera caught the same car plowing through a stop sign just moments later.

“This guy had a thirst for blood on his fingers,” the victim said. “You could clearly see in his face that he wanted to do something.”

A witness snapped a photo of a Koran on his dashboard, and although no one says the driver — Mohamed Mohamed — verbalized his own religion, folks in this community say targeting someone else for their religion is always a hate crime.

“I think this is just a much more violent, scary world than we all though it was,” said neighbor Michael Schwartz. “We had a few years of civility after the Holocaust and now that window is closing.”

Which is why this victim was a little disappointed that he had to ask for a sergeant before the responding officers would listen to their concerns that this was more than just a car accident.

“We live with it everyday. We live in fear and we hope and we pray that the LAPD and FBI take this more seriously than the initial response was,” the victim said.

Because this community knows the next victim may not be as agile or as lucky, and living in fear isn’t living.

“There definitely was a God watching us,” the victim said.

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  1. Donny Dingle says:

    Mohammed Mohammed??!! I wonder what prompted him to do this?

    1. Henry Bowman says:

      Haven’t you hear? “Allahu Akbar” is Arabic for “No one will ever know my motive!”

  2. Laurence Almond says:

    Every Jew a gun.

    1. At least no one called Mohammed Mohammed a Nazi. That seems ot be status quo for the Jew.

  3. John Merchlinski says:

    The peace and tolerance of Islam tries to strike again.

  4. Mustafa Sensayuma says:

    Thank goodness he was only a moderate, else he probably would have had an 18-wheeler truck.

  5. Mark Em says:

    never would have thought that HE was the perp.

  6. Dan Thomas says:

    oh, but Mohamad practices the religion of peace. When are those of Ashkenazi heritage gonna smarten up. PC reformers are going to send us back to 1939.

  7. Well you Jewish liberals brought in on yourself by voting damnocrat year after year, voting to destroy the Country that gave you refuge. Stupidity has consequences,

  8. Steven Patterson says:

    So what was his middle name?

  9. David Keller says:

    Arm up Jews. If someone comes to kill you shoot them first. No 2nd time.

  10. Robert Quinn says:

    A double threat at that ! Go figure.

  11. Mike Coon says:

    islam-is the devils own cult

  12. Emma Betscher says:

    It is satanic and always has been. Go back to Genesis. Ultimately all of God’s promises are kept. We know who is our Sustainer and Redeemer

  13. B.E. Busch says:

    The religion of peace strikes again!

  14. Daddy why are there no Muslims in this cartoon The Jetsons we’re watching?
    Because honey, it’s the future.

  15. James Harvey says:

    He did nothing wrong. When you see a Jew, hit the Gas

  16. tngilmer says:

    The victims are Jews, the perp is a Muslim, and it is California. Nothing will be done.

  17. Jack Savage says:

    When are people on the left, in the Democratic party, the so-called liberals going to admit that muslims hate Jews, they hate anyone that’s not a muslim. We’re infidels to them and unless we convert to islam, we should be killed………………YOU PEOPLE JUST DON’T GET IT.

  18. Hmmm….this is a nonstory.
    Let them sort themselves out.
    Whoever is left standing will get cut down by the Red White and Blue.

  19. Ryan Sundberg says:

    It wouldn’t be so ironic were it not for the fact that God’s Chosen People are the force majeure advocating for unrestricted Islamic migration to these United States. I suppose we all reap what we sow one way or another.

  20. Emma Betscher says:

    @Ryan Sundberg – You are spot on – A Biblical truth

  21. Henry Bowman says:

    “We had a few years of civility after the Holocaust and now that window is closing.”

    Ironically, they were the same few years when Jews understood that “Never Again” was a philosophy that required them to take personal responsibility for vigilance, not to vote constantly for civilian disarmament and expect everyone else to be nice-nice to them and obey all the happy little paper laws.

  22. Charlie Alvarez says:

    Filthy Muslim terrorist named after his hateful, murderous prophet Deport him and other Musim extremists like him.

  23. John Sorger says:

    Intolerance of killing all jews is islamophobic.

  24. John Sorger says:

    “Mohammed Mohammed”
    “Hate crime”
    I thought minorities couldn’t be racist? So which is it jewish liberals? Can they or can’t they?

  25. Robert Braun says:

    You are not legally allowed to fight back an attack by a Muslim. They are always the victims.

  26. Europeans and American Democrats have decided which religious minority they prefer. And now each are paying the price.

  27. Stefan Leretseh says:

    They don’t “work” for a living. Almost all are property owners, primarily apartments , and make people (mostly non-Jews) pay them rent. This is not illegal. But…

  28. Oy vay! Much kvetching ensued, when no blue eyed male was to blame.

  29. Barry Teller says:

    At least 80% of theSunni Muslim schools have Saudi whabi imans as their directors. Their job is to teach hate of America and of all Americans that won’t convert to Islam.

    We were fools to let them in and we are sucicidal if we don’t deport them.

  30. Tony Smith says:

    Outrageous that we should fault this person and his culture. Is your culture superior? Killing Jews is written in the Queran; it’s part of their religion. Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Muslims cannot be discriminated against.

  31. George Hi says:

    What I want to know is why bail was set at $55,000 for attempted murder.I have heard of domestic abuse cases where bail was set at 1 million,

  32. Karab Amabokcuf says:

    Phuck islam and moHAMmad the pedophile

  33. Blake S. Davis says:

    Los Angeles? Democrats will give the guy an award for good driving.

  34. There is no such thing as a hate crime.

  35. Joe Lockwell says:

    So maybe now, Jewish Americans will stop voting in Democrats who WANT MORE and MORE Muslim “refugees” in America? Probably not. 79% of Jewish voters in this past election voted for Democrats. When it comes to common sense, most Jewish Americans are not too bright.

  36. I hope the the young fellow, who was almost run down, managed to call in to 911 before he spoke to the cops attending the accident scene. It will give greater credence to his story by the record of the time and place of his call.

  37. Mark Nord says:

    Unfortunately MR. Mohammad Mohammad Cannot be accused of committing a hate crime if he is not white. In his defense he was only practicing his religion….

  38. David Coker says:

    Half the lawyers and half of the doctors in America identify as Jews. Perhaps Mohammad had just looked at his bill from one of these thieves. Things keep going the way the are and the Jews in America will soon want to move to Israel. Perhaps that is the plan. Same goes for the riots in Paris making Jews feel unsafe. If Jews did not corrupt everything they touch countries would stop expelling them or confining them to a ghetto. They bring a lot of the hate upon themselves. They don’t assimilate and they think they are better than the rest of us.

  39. Vet Red says:

    Guess his 72 virgins will just have to wait awhile longer for him to show up.

  40. Jeffrey Morrissey says:

    Congratulations CBS News affiliate! You actually reported the news! I suspect the comment about the satanic Koran on Mohammed Mohammed’s dashboard will be edited out soon though.

  41. Elijah Buchanan says:

    There’s several very good videos on Youtube showing pistol cartridges penetrating car windshields. If the government of California or L.A. complains about the guns, tell them you’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.