NORTH HILLS (CBSLA) — A frightening home security video shows a car collide with a motorcyclist who cartwheels several feet into the air and lands in front of the North Hills home of a former military member on Veteran’s Day.

It happened when the car attempted to make a left turn and smashed into the motorcyclist.

“I saw him literally right there in the drive way,” Ramirez said.

George Ramirez rushed down his driveway to help the 20-year-old motorcyclist, using the skills he learned in the service.

“I didn’t even realize, to be honest, that that’s what the day was at the moment. For some strange reason, the young man was delivered literally to my door step. I could not ignore that. I had to help him, as I would anyone else,” Ramirez said.

Video shows several other people run over to help before the ambulance arrived. The driver involved in the collision was also seen stopping and getting out of the car to check on the rider.

“The distance that he was involved, [I’m] so thankful he was wearing a helmet and a good leather jacket and I’m certain without that helmet he wouldn’t had had a chance,” Ramirez said.

The motorcyclist was hospitalized in an ICU Friday night after going through several surgeries.


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