THOUSAND OAKS (CBSLA) – Video footage has emerged from the shooting inside the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks.

The video posted on Instagram by Dallas Knapp captures audio of what appears to be several shots fired inside the Borderline Bar & Grill, followed by footage as a person on scene was running from the location.

Mr. Knapp writes, “I looked him in he eyes while he killed my friends. I hope he rots in hell for eternity. The guy you see is the murderer and the shots are him shooting the wounded on the ground.”

Borderline Bar and Grill had been hosting its “Country College” night for years, but on Wednesday night, parents who had gone to the bar themselves to line dance returned, frantic for information about their children who had been there amid a shooting that killed 13, including a Ventura County sheriff’s sergeant.

Tim Dominguez was there with his 26-year-old son, who thought the sound of gunfire was a joke.

“He didn’t think it was real,” Dominguez said. “I knew it was real.”

Wearing a beanie, he choked up as he recalled pulling down his son, and yelling at the girls next to them to get down.

“I think they all got out,” he said.

A man who identified himself as Cole said it was a normal night at Borderline Bar when he arrived with his friend Matt. The shooter looked “just like another guy coming in.”

When shots rang out, Cole said he corralled as many people as possible behind a pool table, and helped them escape through the smoking patio – where people were unaware of the gunshots that had erupted — and into the parking lot.

There were several young women who tearfully recounted being pulled down, thrown under tables, and through windows to get them out of the line of fire.

“Then these incredible humans just jumped up and started smashing out the windows and everybody was just like, jump, because we were trapped,” one woman wrapped in a dark blanket said. “We were completely trapped on that side, so we jumped two stories to the ground.”

A woman in a black hoodie and glasses said a stranger wrapped his arms around her in a bear hug and dragged her out. She said her father was stunned when she called to tell him there had been a shooting at the bar, but that she was OK.

“I’m still in shock. You never really think it will happen to you until it does, it’s just kind of a long shot,” she said. “Just to think that it happened to me, it’s crazy.”


This is a breaking news report. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

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  1. We need to do something as a society, and as Californians, to stop these senseless acts.

    1. Robert Braaten-Grant says:

      We need much better mental health intervention and education. You can take ALL the guns away and these mass killings will still continue because the root cause of these things are never dealt with. Because, it’s easier to take a physical thing object away from a person than it isto deal with the underlying causes. Take away the guns, He’d use a bomb,,,Take away the bomb precursors (Which is impossible) then a bus, truck or car could be used to mow down people. Take away vehicles. Then knives and poison would be used. Unless we deal with the root cause. Blaming the NRA, GOP or any other 3 letter organization for things like this is just a side show and fails to deal with the real problem and that is mental and emotional health issues people have due to some trauma in their lives

    2. John Douglas says:

      You’re right. We need MUCH tighter regulations on the anti-depressants that EVERY mass shooter is on.

      Doctors prescribe drugs that say ON THE LABEL that it may cause aggression and thoughts of suicide.

      It seems that these shooters are experiencing the known side effects of these mind altering drugs.

    3. God. All one has to ask themselves is why didn’t these happen back in the day? We’ve had guns since the founding. A culture with common values and interests is what’s different from my POV

  2. James T Doe says:

    Gun free zone go figure. I thought California gun laws plus everyone their being far left and hating guns that this sorta thing couldn’t happen….

    1. Anti-gun laws caused this.The good feeling you get when you sit in a “gun free” zone. NOT!

  3. Thank you Bush and Obama for hundreds of PTSD killers.

    1. Andrea Baxter says:

      It’s actually guys who’ve been drugged into submission at the behest of government schools teachers who generally commit these mass murders. But by all means, let’s pretend ADD and ADHD are horrible medical conditions afflicting thirteen percent of boys! Why don’t we just give ALL the kids psychotropic drugs and create a utopia?

  4. Michael Grimler says:

    We are suffering from an overall societal decrease in the value of life…from the normalization of abortion, to more states having no death penalty, to glorified violence in movies and on TV, to having no moral compass, to the destruction of the nuclear family, to having no moral compass whatsoever from traditional sources like the Bible or even to espouse and promote basic human decency without religious influence or guidance.

    It’s disgusting…and, the more we don’t have those things, the more this is going to happen.

  5. Mark Wilson says:

    No muzzle flash, no bodies or people on the dance floor?

    1. Luis Martinez says:

      What? No blood and gore for you? So sorry….

  6. Manchurian Candidate to create support for gun confiscation.

  7. Dan Defoe says:

    Too bad the guy didn’t have a gun instead of a cell phone. Maybe he could have saved his friends’ lives.

  8. Lilith Whyte says:

    Meanwhile, military worship will continue at all American sporting events.

    1. Reed Thompson says:

      Go fudge yourself commie

  9. This is our reward for fighting Israel’s war in the Mideast. So many of our brave soldiers are broken. NO more unnecessary wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jack Leonard Black says:

    What California needs is a constitutional carry law which does not require a permit to carry a concealed weapon. 1000 to 1 odds this would not have happened if that were the case. These shooting ALL happen in gun free zones. That psycho would have been stopped in a heartbeat if he ever had the nerve to go in there at all had this been the case.

  11. Jack Foobar says:

    The solution is obvious. Disarm everyone in California, and build a wall around it.

  12. An armed society is a polite society.
    The gun did not kill these victims, the mental whackjob behind the gun killed them.

    REOPEN America’s Mental Asylums.


  13. Mark Marshall says:

    Good thing this was a gun free zone. Otherwise the victims could have protected themselves. Great job liberals!

  14. Kim Ama says:

    Our military heroes go to war and sacrifice, and they come home and wonder why. The country is being stolen from them. Politicians prefer foreigners as do employers. I hate what’s happening to our country. I’m afraid it’s over.

  15. Alan Noel says:

    more fake government stagfed terror

  16. Mitchell Wallace says:

    Fake newsman real.

  17. Gene Bean says:

    And you can practice shooting NPC’s in mass via realistic violent video games,what an entertainment value to the bored. Modern popular music is quite different than a few decades ago,then at least half of the popular pop songs were about love and relationships and song melodies that brought loving thoughts to ones mind. People in general are afraid to touch one another due to sexual harassment claims,so hugs are somewhat a taboo thing in modern times,don’t touch. The internet has brought one the ability to access porn and violent information with only a few clicks of a keypad. There must be something our populace is missing for so many today to go on killing rampages that in by gone days would have been rare or unheard of. The problem is our western culture is sick and lacking in natural human affection. And one wonders why birth rates are falling for Americans also,the reason is we don’t love each other as much as well use too. “We don’t love each other as much as we use too” is bleeding over into politics,birth rates,mass murders,the heavily arming of the populace from mass gun purchases(loving societies are never so paranoid),the lack of love songs in pop music must be reflective of our modern national mentality. And for our president Donald Trump,hate or love him,
    is a reflection of what our nation already was before he ever took office. Donald Trump is America and in the future expect more like him regardless of which party he or she represents.

  18. God hates you California, and I predict its only going to get worse! Fires earth quakes, and more terror. You reap what you sow, you worthless fruits , nut and flakes!

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