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SANTA MONICA (CBSLA) – While voting was running smoothly at most polling places throughout Los Angeles on Election Day, hundreds of voters in Santa Monica and Canoga Park were forced to contend with some frustrating issues.

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Voters cast ballots at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Santa Monica. Nov. 6, 2018. (CBS2)

Two polling places – St. Paul Lutheran Church in Santa Monica and Mark Twain Middle School in Mar Vista – simply did not receive voting rosters.

Without a roster, and with no way to verify who was registered, voters at those two locations were forced to use provisional ballots. It’s unclear exactly how many people were impacted, although hundreds of voters came through both.

Some voters at Mark Twain Middle School told CBS2 they were turned away and asked to come back later because there was no way for them to cast a ballot.

The L.A. County Registrar’s Office blamed the mistake at both locations on election inspectors who either forgot or lost election materials.

“They’ve assured me and they’ve went through the procedures of putting it in and signing for me, putting it into the envelope and that makes sure that they’ll all be counted,” voter Lynnsey Guerrero told CBS2. “Do we ever really know? I don’t know.”

By around 11:30 a.m., L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies had arrived with the proper rosters and voting resumed smoothly.

Officials later confirmed to CBSLA’s Cristy Fajardo that a Good Samaritan found and turned in the missing Santa Monica roster.

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Meanwhile, in Canoga Park, voters arrived at what they thought was their polling place to learn they had been given the wrong address.

Voters were originally meant to cast their ballots at Fields Market, located at 23221 Saticoy St. However, the county changed the polling place to Cutting Edge Karate, a karate studio behind the market. The postcard sent to voters had the original address, however, prompting confusion.

A sign shows that a polling place has been moved to a new address in Canoga Park. (CBS2)

There were signs directing people to the new location, but some say it was still hard to find. Voter Mary Dromi told CBS2 it took her more than 20 minutes to find the correct address. She then spent several minutes directing other confused drivers.

“I want to see if there’s signs out, so people can see where to go,” Dromi said. “And if they’re out, then fine, I’ll go home. But they’re not, and there was a mess. There was like a dozen cars out here honking at each other, driving through, not knowing where they’re going, and so I finally told them, directed them there.”

L.A. County Registrar Dean Logan Tuesday reiterated that if you are a mail-in voter who lost your ballot, you can still go to a polling place and vote with a provisional ballot.

“If you can’t make it to your assigned polling place, go to any polling place and you’re going to get the opportunity to vote,” Logan said.

If you visit a different polling location than your assigned one, you can still vote there with a provisional ballot.

“That means, that we’re gonna bring that ballot back, we’re gonna confirm that your registered, that you haven’t voted somewhere else, and then we’re gonna count that ballot before we certify the election,” Logan said.

The registrar’s office told CBS2 it is investigating Election Day issues and will address any voter concerns.

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