LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — High school students across Southern California have caught election fever, and are making it part of their school day to vote in Tuesday’s historic midterm election.

First-time voters from Dorsey High School were prepared with their completed mail-in ballots when they boarded a bus to drop them off at a nearby polling station. The students even researched candidates and propositions to create their own voter guide.

“We’re the upcoming generation,” student Dakyra Baker said. “If we want some way to be something, we need to go out there and vote, we need to let people know what we want and how we want to live.“

Students at several Southern California schools also pledged to walk out Tuesday morning to go to the polls. The Walk Out To Vote coalition includes organizations like the Parkland student-organized group March For Our Lives.

In Southern California, schools in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Rancho Cucamonga were among those whose students pledged they would walk out of school Tuesday to go vote.


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