LONG BEACH (CBSLA) – Waves expected up to seven feet high are causing major concerns for seaside homeowners in Long Beach.

Compared to the day before, waters were much calmer Saturday. But all eyes were still on the sand berms as city crews continued to reinforce the embankment as big waves returned.

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The high tide brought in waves dangerously close to homes Friday, pounding the sand berms protecting the houses near the stretch of beach near the Long Beach marina.

A temporary wooden wall was built along the seawall to keep water from getting into houses. By night’s end, the water was coming through some of the boards.

Locals said the intensity of the tide and waves caught them by surprise. Some said the waves were unlike anything they’d seen in decades.

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“I have never seen Long Beach have to put up wood barriers along the boardwalk, and I’ve never seen the water flood over the boardwalk in 30 years, 40 years of Long Beach,” resident Wayne Welch said. “Kind of amazing to see, and I had to come down and kind of just see the remnants.”

Still, some residents think the precautions are a bit of overkill.

“There hasn’t been, to my knowledge, any real damage,” said Joe Vivilacqua. “I’m just not concerned by it. I’m more concerned with losing a view.[…] It’s what you expect.”

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Reinforcements arrived Saturday morning as crews in dump trucks brought more sand to secure the berms in anticipation of high waves.