LONG BEACH (CBSLA) — If you haven’t heard of Fortnite, you haven’t been paying attention. The online video game described as a cross between “Minecraft” and “The Hunger Games” is played by millions of users around the world, children and adults alike.

However, it’s not literally all fun and games, as the popular “Fortnite: Battle Royale” has been blamed for breaking up at least one marriage, credit card scams and one mother’s plea to the company behind the addictive game to “make a deal” after her son cited the Bible to get in-game purchases.

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Well, get ready to shell out some more money, parents, but now it’s IRL. Some very generous moms and dads are hiring coaches and dance instructors to teach their children the moves featured in the game, like the popular “floss dance.”

“They use dance moves to overcome the enemy, so the kids are really looking at it and trying it, and they’ve been filming themselves,” Amy Lenoble tells CBS2 News. She’s an instructor at En Pointe Dance and Fitness in Long Beach, where the monthly classes go for about $20.

While some parents might question spending money on these classes, the parents at En Pointe are into it.

“I love it. I think it’s so great,” says mother Michelle Connoley. “I think it’s a great way to get exercise and be entertained and to connect with other kids without having it be through a device.”

The thing is, parents are paying for training on said device, too.

Professional gamer “Chuck D” Dunmire has parlayed his expertise into a coaching gig. The military veteran and father of three walked CBS2 reporter Chris Holmstrom through one of his sessions.

“The first thing I would say to start with is practice in the playground on building,” says Dunmire. “Building is the most important thing in Fortnite.”

Pro tips include playing alone in duo or squads, learning recoil patterns on all weapons, carrying at least 300 of each material — wood, brick and metal — and, if possible, keeping a Purple Slurp in your inventory.

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However, Chuck says his coaching is as much about game play as his gamers’ self-confidence and respect.

“My stream and my specific focus on coaching is to bring respect and love toward others, not only in life but in gaming, too,” says Dunmire.

So whether it’s for breaking a sweat on the dance floor, or just breaking a control in front of the console, parents might want to get on board because Fortnite isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

For parents interested in the Fortnite dance classes, the next En Pointe session will be on Oct. 5 at 5:30 p.m. It’s $25 to attend.

Below are some of Chuck D’s Fortnite tips for parents.

Chuck D’s Fortnite Guide For Parents

Playing tips

  1. Work in playgrounds with your friends on leading targets with various weapons.
  2. Practice build-offs with friends, go to Tilted Towers, gather max resources, lay down a ramp each facing each other, and start on a certain time on the playground timer.
  3. Learn the recoil patterns on all Burst/Automatic weapons. Work on controlling the recoil to land shots in a tighter group (recoil pattern). Utilize a wall or a structure to observe bullet recoil.
  4. If possible keep a purple slurp in your inventory use when in storm or prior to larger pushes.
  5. Carry 300 of each material (Wood, Brick, Metal) that way it allows you to respond to incoming threats and escape to heal or drink a needed shield pot.
  6. Go into duo’s or squads alone and practice clutching against multiple threats.

Understanding Fortnite and gaming

  1. For many kids, gaming has become a highly sociable event. Fortnite allows them to grab their friends from school and jump in to a match together and try to compete against other kids and teams for wins. Most importantly it contains memorable events that will be recounted later at school.
  2. Fortnite demands critical thinking, strategy, and quick responses. Fortnite also develops crucial problem solving skills and situational awareness that will assist kids in the future and into adulthood.
  3. School and most importantly peers can been critical and cause high anxiety and stress. Video games are an incredible way to relieve stress and decompress.
  4. Due to a growing concern of depression in youth, gaming is a positive way to allow kids to remove physical and mental identities. Gaming allows them to escape judgement and begin equal and without hate, peer pressure, and past mistakes.
  5. There are many parental controls on console and pc’s that will monitor and toggle language, downloads, and many others (links for popular gaming systems below).
  6. Gaming has become a socially acceptable hobby

Parental control resources

Coaching words of wisdom

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  1. Never give up, each loss is a lesson learned. Record the loss and work at improving on the repeat offenders from that list.
  2. If you want to be like Ninja, focus on small bites on a goal each week. Make each goal attainable. No one achieves god-like status in one bite. Focus on these mini-goals and you will improve muscle memory, that leads to better hand, brain, and eye coordination which will land you those sick shots.

Coach Chuck D’s direction

  • Bring Positivity to the Esports Coaching experience
  • Focusing on the Esports competitive arena should still be fun and enjoyable
  • Creating an open accepting environment regardless of performance
  • Teaching life lessons to the kids while learning together
  • Academics come first. Students must provide a 3.0 GPA
  • Honoring parental controls and time limits on gaming
  • Create reachable goals in one week that lead to larger goals
  • Build respect for other competitors and players