EXPOSITION PARK (CBSLA) — The Rams got the better of the Chargers 35-23 Sunday afternoon at the Coliseum in the first meeting since their relocations to Los Angeles.

Right now it is the Rams House. In two years the two teams will share a house at the new stadium under construction in Inglewood.

On Sunday the Coliseum was actually a house divided as both sets of fans cheered their own team of boys in blue and white.

Off the field the “Fight For LA” was almost an “LA Lovefest.”

PHOTOS: Rams 35, Chargers 23

“I love it. Because when we look out here you see a packed tailgate party,” said Rams fan Greg Brimer. “Everybody’s having fun.”

The two team flags shared the pole with Old Glory. Tailgate tents saluting the LA teams sat side-by-side.

The fans of the two LA teams weren’t merely co-existing, they were downright neighborly.

f8260b872db04e9fbc32df543e581623 Chargers, Rams Fans Keep Rivalry On The Field

“So far so good,” said Chargers fan John Nairn. “We’ve all been vibin’.”

“They’ve been very nice neighbors. Cordial. Polite. Couldn’t be a better neighbor,” said Rams fan Gaili Lopez.

Fans from the competing teams were even sharing the same tailgating tent.

“Yeah, we’re buds. We’re buddies,” said Rams fan Roy Ramirez next to Chargers fan Jerry Ramirez.

Chargers and Rams fans? It’s not a “Fight For LA.” It’s newfound friends who simply favor different LA teams.

“We met today and we are tailgating today,” said Chargers fan JR Perez with a Rams fan.

There is one “LA Lament.” That this first regular season “Fight For LA” battle between the Chargers and Rams will be such a rare treat.

They are in different conferences, so they will meet on the field just once every four years during the regular season.

“I wish we could play every year. Like the Dodgers and Angels. Play every year,” said Jeff Nettleton.


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